ArtField’2009 results and releases

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Завершился воронежский фестиваль компьютерного творчества ArtField'2009.


Gfx compo

1. Girl and sea by Liza [28 points]
2. Eclipse by TRIXS [26 points]
3. doom'er by SAG [14 points]

4. no_name by Marina Chernyh [12 points]
5. Canabis by AZON/Sinclair Club [11 points]
6. Flowers by Dmitriy Rudnev [8 points]
7. Sail by Evgeniy Ilyasov [8 points]
8. Pupil by Alone Coder/Invaders8 [8 points]

Msx compo

1. Epilogue by Vedem [23 points]
2. Dusty Dream by rnR T.A.D. 7D9 [22 points]
3. Wings of Death by MadMax/KNA [21 points]

4. Look in my eyes by JeRrS [19 points]

Realtime gfx compo

1. The Cat by Lord Grey [17 points]
2. Nested doll by Flast [15 points]
3. Kolobok by Anton Ivanauskas [8 points]

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