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Brand New Crack: Beach Volley by Slider

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ScreenieOne more release for today! This particular crack should work fine under both 48K and 128K memory modes.


Brand New Crack: Where Time Stood Still by Slider

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Brand New Crack: APB by Silder

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ScreenieIt's been a while since there have been any news, so here's a relatively new release by Slider to cover it up.


Brand New Crack: Italia ’90 – World Cup Soccer by Slider

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ScreenieAnother game that was available only as a tape image gets a disk version, so download it here.


Brand New Crack: Peter Shilton’s Handball Maradonna by Slider

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ScreenieYet another sports game is now finally available for Beta128 machines, thanks to Slider. Go get it!


Brand New Crack: Armalyte Demo by Slider

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ScreenieThis is a disked demo version of a puzzle game called Armalyte, which includes only one level to beat, but despite it was never released, Slider decided to port this unfinished game to TR-DOS for historical purposes. Get it here.


Brand New Crack: Maritrini feat. Fratellis by Slider

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ScreenieFinally, the prequel to Maritrini's adventures is available in TR-DOS disk format! Download it here.


Brand New Crack: Elite SuperTrux by Slider

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ScreenieSlider, the former member of SG-Team, has released a new crack of a really old game, complete with the new intro by Jerri and audiovisuals by nix./site.

Download it now!


TR-DOS Re-Cracks

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It's been quite a while since this page has been floating around the Internet, but I thought it might be quite useful for everyone who uses DivIDE to games and programs, old and new.

Did you got stuck? You can't beat that one freaking boss? Sure thing, POKEs may help, but this nifty collection of trd-to-tap crack conversions will ease your job in case if you won't have Internet access or old Speccy magazines nearby. Not to mention the stylish cracktros and the fact that some of the games are either put together or "remixed" (a.k.a. modded or hacked to include new graphics and music, like Barbarian 128K from Bitmunchers).

Each crack can be downloaded whenever you press a "tap" or "z80" icon to the right of the game's title. Most of the cracks can be also previewed as soon as you click on the game's title itself. The on-site emulator will load the required blocks automatically then.


Knightmare 128K for TR-DOS

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While not quite fresh news, SG Team has disked a relatively new port of Knightmare (which, to remind you, originally was on MSX1) for the TR-DOS, complete with the traditional infinite lives mode. If you're interested, you can download it here.


Blinky’s Collection Crack

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blinky'sSG-Team has released two more cracked games. This time, we've got Blinky's Scary School & Titanic Blinky by Zeppelin Games Ltd.

Also included is the fix for the Pentagon clones.


“Thingy and the Doodahs” Crack

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thingy crackSG-Team proudly presents a new TR-DOS crack of "Thingy and the Doodahs" by Americana Software Ltd.

Endless lives included.


Color Version of RodLand

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rodlandFamous game by Storm Software has been coloured by Ralf.

Both Z80 and TRD versions are available.


Rescate Atlantida (Rescue Atlantis) 48/128k

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Shadow Maker has finally completed his long awaited crack of Rescate Atlantida by Dinamic Software.

It features the original game's intro, the all-new intros, the interphase password system, and much more.

Play and win!