Brand New Game: Intergalactic Space Rescue

posted by TecSoft

ISRThe second game for the 16K Speccy is now released. It's a puzzle game with a space theme.

Your skills are needed in the Intergalactic Space Rescue service, where you
will make space a safer place for travellers by locating stricken starships to
rescue their crew and passengers. Navigation in the 1,000 uncharted sectors is
difficult and you'll need all your abilities to complete your important

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ZXAAA Compo 2013 Invitro

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So meet the invitation to the party!


FOReVER XIV (13-15 March) Official Rules

posted by sq

Основные правила
Добавьте обычный .txt-файл с небольшой информацией о вашей работе (или работах), такой как название работы, автор и контактные адреса. Так же вы можете указать всю необходимую дополнительную информацию. Все ваши работы должны быть сделаны специально для FOReVER XIV. Вы можете участвовать без собственного присутствия, но в этом случае, мы не можем полностью гарантировать того, что вы получите приз в случае выигрыша. Все работы с пати будут опубликованы как freeware непосредственно после проведения пати.

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ZX-Chip Podcast #21

posted by TecSoft

Nodeus is glad to present a new release of the zx-chip podcast. The first in 2013 and the twenty-first from the beginning. AY-chip meditation with beautiful and very acid music by Ironman for your pleasure! Only in Russian.


  • for Edisson by Ironman
  • Global techno by Ironman
  • Napalm rave by Ironman
  • Narko tragedy by Ironman
  • Plastic fantasy by Ironman
  • Rave hauz by Ironman
  • Rovers here nowww... by Ironman
  • Visual emotion by Ironman
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    The Spectrum Show #12

    posted by TecSoft

    Welcome to episode 12 of The Spectrum Show. In this episode we go back to February 1984 for all of the Sinclair news and latest Spectrum game releases. We compare Missile Command clones to find the best Spectrum version plus there is the usual old and new game reviews.

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    Reviews of ZX Spectrum Games Past and Present

    posted by TecSoft

    Here are the unused reviews Alex Ross-Shaw wrote for The Spectrum Games Bible, Super Trux and Draughts Genius are from the 1980s, while the rest are all modern, homebrew releases.

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    FBZX Wii v9 Released

    posted by TecSoft

    FBZX is a ZX Spectrum emulator for FrameBuffer written by Sergio Costas and ported to Wii by Oibaf. FBZX Wii can be found on google code at fbzx-wii.googlecode.com.


  • Virtual keyboard does not stop the emulation
  • Support for installation on usb device
  • Case insensitive file ordering
  • The path in file browsing is remembered
  • Changed layout in file selection menu
  • Support for Wiiflow
  • Option to disable Virtual keyboard rumble
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    ZX7 Tool Updated

    posted by TecSoft

    "ZX7" by Einar Saukas is an optimal LZ77/LZSS data compressor for all platforms, including the ZX-Spectrum.

    Available implementations of standard LZ77/LZSS compression algorithm use either a "greedy" or "flexible parsing" strategy, that cannot always guarantee the best possible encoding. In comparison, "ZX7" provides a highly efficient compression algorithm that always generate perfectly optimal LZ77/LZSS encoding. Technically it means compressing within space and time O(n) only.

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    Software Updates by Claus Jahn

    posted by TecSoft

    Claus Jahn released ZX-Preview v2.2, ZX-Paintbrush v2.2.9.6, ZX-Editor Second Edition v2.2 and ZX-Blockeditor 2.2 for PC/Windows.

    Link for site: http://www.zxmodules.de.


    CSS CGC 2013 Officially Open

    posted by TecSoft

    And for the duration of the year it will live at: www.csscgc2013.blogspot.co.uk.

    The comp.sys.sinclair crap games competition started in 1996, when a competition to create the crappest game possible for the Spectrum was decided upon following a suggestion by a visionary known only as 'Blood'.** Inspiration came from the most buttock clenchingly bad compilation ever: The Cascade Cassette 50, the exciting inlay and advert betrayed a sorrowful collection of unplayable BASIC games created by uncredited 14 year olds paid £10 for their trouble (which they possibly used to buy the cassette!).

    The competition is in its 18th year and is so highly regarded across the world it has a page on Wikipedia.

    Please email your crap games to: cgc2013(at)rocketmail.com.
    Official thread at the WOS: http://www.worldofspectrum.org/forums/showthread.php?t=42328.

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    1Bit Techno on ZX Spectrum

    posted by TecSoft

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    LOAD “” by Deep Grass

    posted by TecSoft

    A sleeping cat dreams of a budgerigar in the 1980's when 8-bit was the norm. A video for a song where the main hook is the noise of a ZX Spectrum loading a program off cassette tape.

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    Attribute Agression Demo (v2)

    posted by TecSoft

    aav2Fun animation-demo finally was adapted for the classic machines.

    Download demo (TZX, TAP, SCL, TRD) here.

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    AAA Party 2013 Was Announced

    posted by TecSoft

    Date: April 23rd, 2013.
    Hardware: ZX Spectrum, PentEVO.

    ZX Spectrum demo (no limit per author).
    ZX Spectrum graphics (one screen per author).
    ZX Spectrum music (Beeper, AY/YM, TurboSound FM; one work per sound card).

    Demo compo - 165$ (1st), 66$ (2nd), 33$ (3rd).
    Graphics compo - 50$ (1st).
    Music compo - 50$ (1st).

    Send your contributions at zxaaa(at)mail.ru.

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    Speccy-Android 1.9 Available at the Google Play

    posted by TecSoft

    * Added WoS Browser, for instant playback of any Spectrum software from WorldOfSpectrum.org.
    * Added Change Log dialog showing up after each upgrade.
    * Added "Leave Feedback" option to the change log dialog.

    Free version:

    Full version:


    Hello World Demo

    posted by TecSoft

    Hello World ZX81Do you want to watch brand new demo on ZX81? Then do it.

    Code: Tygrys
    Graphics: Ziutek/ESI
    Sound: Mr. Silent

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