SE Basic v3.2

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Вышла новая версия SE Basic. Это проект по совершенствованию и расширению функционала оригинального Бейсика для Спектрума под современные требования и стандарты.


BASE-X 2015

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Осталось меньше месяца до начала виртуального демопати BASE-X 2015. Конкурс только один - Demo Compo. Отличительная особенность - работы должны быть написаны на чистом Бейсике и запускаться на ZX Spectrum 48/128, музыку разрешено вешать на прерывания. Голосование начнётся 15 ноября.

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Back To Basics Demo by bay 6 (final)

posted by TecSoft

A demo for Multimatograf 11 oldschool demo compo. The demo was written in pure ZX Spectrum 48K BASIC without AY/YM chip or assembler routines. It is an invitation to 3BM Openair 2015 which will held 10-12.07.2015.

Main demo code was written using an amazing "BASin v14b" by Paul Dunn. BAS source was converted to TAP using mktap+ by Jan Bobrowski, with additional hacks by introspec

Music was written in Vortex Tracker II by S.V.Bulba and then converted to ZX Spectrum BASIC using BeepornV1 converter by bay 6.

Enjoy that raw madness of pure ZX Spectrum 48K BASIC :) Greeteing to all who write demos with ZX Spectrum BASIC and other fans of ZX. We invite you to make a BASIC demo for 3BM Openair 2015!

april 2015 bay 6
music: n1k-o
code, gfx, design: diver

P.S. Sorry that SCL version won't work properly
with common emulators. There is some ways to
run the demo:

1. TAP format (make sure that you're in 48 mode)
2. SCL format in UNREAL, run from 48 BASIC
3. SNA


SpecBAS 0.780 Released

posted by TecSoft

Download it at the official site.


  • SCALE to PRINT and TEXT. PRINT SCALE 2,2;"Hi!" will display 2x text size. SCALE 2,3 will do 2x width and 3x height
  • MATRIX maths with the MAT command from the original Dartmouth spec. Add, sub, mul, scale, inversion, identities etc
  • BIN from Sinclair BASIC makes an entrance. Pointless (use the % symbol to denote binary) but included for completeness
  • Dynamic array allocation - DIM a() - note the empty brackets, then just use it. Elements are added as they are written to the array in the positions you choose
  • Factorial operator - PRINT 3! displays 6. High priority. PRINT 2+3! shows 8, as does PRINT 3!+2
  • LCM(a,b) and GCD(a,b) functions - Lowest common multiple and greatest common divisor.
  • 8Jun/13Off

    SpecBAS v0.775

    posted by Vinnny

    Paul Dunn выложил свежую версию SpecBAS - эмулятора языка Basic для ZX-Spectrum. Сделаны различные усовершенствования, поддержка музыки. Скачать.


    SpecBAS 0.766 Now Available

    posted by TecSoft


  • SAVE "" now saves to the current program name
  • PRINT now obeys the ORIGIN command's function for text placement with AT
  • Significant speedups in handling arrays
  • CLIP OFF - turn off global clipping
  • OUT - send text output to a variable (OUT var$), a stream (OUT stream-id) or the default screen (OUT SCREEN)
  • OUT can be embedded in a PRINT or TEXT command
  • INV n, UNDER, POLYTERM and COMPSIMPSON maths functions as requested
  • Improved the speed that statements containing DATA and LABEL are executed (or rather, aren't executed!)
  • FOR EACH n IN [1,2,3] will loop three times and set n to 1, 2 and 3 with each run through. Also works for strings - FOR EACH n$ IN ["a" TO "z"] for example
  • LIST now works as per Mallard BASIC ( LIST TO 100, LIST 50 TO 100, LIST 100 TO )
  • CAT can now recurse directories if you so choose - CAT "filespec" ALL
  • Python-style string multiplication - 2*"Hello" will create the string "HelloHello"
  • Full list of changes available at the WOS.

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    SpecBAS 0.754 Now Available

    posted by news

    — BEEP support, with various types of waveform and full ADSR envelope control;
    — Sprite cloning - creates clones of a sprite at your coordinates, inheriting the original's animation and other properties. Useful for static animated graphics.

    Enjoy, and grab from www.specbas.co.uk.


    SpecBAS 0.752 Now Available!

    posted by news

    SpecBAS is a remake of Sinclair BASIC - it's faster, far more powerful and more colourful than Sinclair BASIC has ever been!

    SpecBAS incorporates all the features of Sinclair BASIC, but with more:
    Procedures, with both referenced and normal variable parameters
    Flow control with DO..LOOP, WHILE..LOOP, DO..UNTIL
    Better array handling, with variable BASE settings and FOR..EACH support
    Better string handling with LEFT$, RIGHT$, MID$, REPEAT$ etc
    Memory banks which can be loaded, saved and utilised to hold a variety of data types
    Many, many more maths functions, with both radians and degrees support
    Graphics with 8bpp in any supported resolution with full palette changing, rotation, scaling etc
    Sound support with MOD/S3M/XM/IT/MP3/VOC/WAV etc
    Turtle graphics, sprites, tilemaps.

    Go get it from http://www.specbas.co.uk.

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    BasinC v16R3

    posted by Vinnny

    У проекта BASin появилось ответвление - BasinC. Автор Arda Erdikmen. Это не эмулятор, это Windows-среда разработки для Spectrum 48/128k, включащая в себя различные инструменты и утилиты, редактор графики, компилятор и отладчик. Исправлены различные ошибки, добавлена поддержка Kempston mouse, быстрый сброс, многоязычный интерфейс, и прочее.
    Скачать (3.5mb).

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    JHCon 2011 Basic GOTO-less Compo

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    News from Factor6 blog.

    At JHCon, we usually make some strange compo concerning ZX Spectrum. This year, there will be such a thing, too. Inspired by the famous C64-ish “GOTO Considered Harmful” compo, we announce:
    JHCon BASIC GOTO-less Compo!


    • Your program must write text JHCON 2011 on the screen, while no sign of text “JHCON 2011″ can be visible in the Basic listing!
    • The program must do some graphical effect and it must animate.
    • Add some funny text to it, whatever you want. This text doesn’t have program limitations.
    • The program must be in a loop, by pressing any key except SHIFTs must be finished and end with the 0 OK message.
    • To be harder, using of commands GO TO, GO SUB, LOAD and SAVE is forbidden!
    • Use of BEEP is possible.
    • BORDER effects are possible.
    • The program listing must fit into 1 (one) screen. The message scroll? must not be printed. Instead of it, LIST must end with 0 OK, 0:1 message and the program must be visible on 1 screen from its very beginning to its very end.
    • Listing must be visible in any occasion, except when PAPER and INK are set to the same colour. So using of direct color commands (EXT.MODE+number or EXT.MODE+SHIFT+number) is allowed, but be careful with them! For example, when PAPER 3 and INK 2 are set, the whole program must be visible and readable.
    • The program listing must be an eye-candy (graphically nice, attractive). Modify it by adding REM, spaces, UDG blocks, colours (but take care!). The program is limited to fit to 1 screen, not by amount of bytes.
    • Any anti-BREAK and anti-LIST techniques are prohibited.
    • The program must not contain any custom machine code in any form (no DATA, no m/c after REM, etc.), nor to run it. Using of ROM routines as well as POKEs are allowed.
    • The prog must be saved using SAVE “name” LINE x, where x corresponds to starting line. Any extra additional files (like fonts, UDG, any CODE etc.) are not allowed.
    • It must be done in a standard Sinclair BASIC for ZX Spectrum 16/48K, users of 128K machines switch to 48 BASIC mode.

    Send your works to f6(a)factor6(dot)cz with subject “JHCon 2011 Compo”. The deadline is Saturday of JHCon (we don’t know exact date, but it should be 1-2 weeks before the X-mas). Voting will be at JHCon party by attenders, they will vote with one vote for both the prog’s look and its listing.