Back To Basics Demo by bay 6 (final)

posted by TecSoft

A demo for Multimatograf 11 oldschool demo compo. The demo was written in pure ZX Spectrum 48K BASIC without AY/YM chip or assembler routines. It is an invitation to 3BM Openair 2015 which will held 10-12.07.2015.

Main demo code was written using an amazing "BASin v14b" by Paul Dunn. BAS source was converted to TAP using mktap+ by Jan Bobrowski, with additional hacks by introspec

Music was written in Vortex Tracker II by S.V.Bulba and then converted to ZX Spectrum BASIC using BeepornV1 converter by bay 6.

Enjoy that raw madness of pure ZX Spectrum 48K BASIC :) Greeteing to all who write demos with ZX Spectrum BASIC and other fans of ZX. We invite you to make a BASIC demo for 3BM Openair 2015!

april 2015 bay 6
music: n1k-o
code, gfx, design: diver

P.S. Sorry that SCL version won't work properly
with common emulators. There is some ways to
run the demo:

1. TAP format (make sure that you're in 48 mode)
2. SCL format in UNREAL, run from 48 BASIC
3. SNA


The Spectrum Show #40

posted by TecSoft

Welcome to The Spectrum Show episode 40. This is the last in the current series, and we’re going out with a bang. This entire episode takes a look at the magazines of the 8 bit era, from the very beginnings in 1978 up to the end of the Spectrum’s commercial life and beyond.