Speccy-Android 1.9.14 Released

posted by TecSoft

Speccy-Android 1.9.14 finally fixes the disappearing sound bug many users complained about. It also brings all the changes I have made to my other emulators over the past month: automatic frame skipping for smoothest possible video, iPega gamepad support, new File Selector UI theme, screenshot shadows, and more. See the complete list below.


Coming Soon: Carpet Capers [SAM Coupé]

posted by TecSoft

The story:
After amassing a huge deficit, the evil Sultan has increased the levy on imported cheese, driving many cheese sellers underground. There is now a gap in the market ripe for exploitation! Don your robes, fill up your cab and get cheese smuggling...err taxiing... for fun and profit!

Read more on blackjet.co.uk.


Brand New Game “Deadly Labyrinth of Lord Xyrx”

posted by TecSoft

With a little delay we're glad to present brand new game made by HOOY-PROGRAM group in 2013.

Script, graphic, levels, fonts and music: YERZMYEY;
Interrups engine: GASMAN;
Moral support: R-TAPE.

Based on CGD.

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The Spectrum Show #21

posted by Vinnny

Paul Jenkinson выпустил очередную серию своего видео-подкаста The Spectrum Show. Мы возвращаемся в ноябрь 1984 года, слушаем новости тех лет, рейтинг игр, обзор Sinclair Interface 2. Вперёд!

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Sgt. Helmet Training Day

posted by Vinnny

The Mojon Twins выпустили новую игру Sgt. Helmet Training Day. Собираем бомбы, минируем компьютеры, продвигаемся на следующие уровни. Скачать.

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Brand New Game: Cronopios y Famas

posted by TecSoft

The latest game by Alessandro Grussu, Cronopios y Famas, a dynamic adventure inspired by Cronopios and Famas, a collection of short stories by Argentine writer Julio Cortázar (1914-1984). It is meant as an "interactive homage" to this great author.

This is the first full-fledged title authored with the new version of Jonathan Cauldwell's Arcade Game Designer, namely v4.3, and is designed for the 48K Spectrum as well as its Argentine counterparts by Czerweny Electrónica that mounted common motherboards (mainly issues 4 and 6a) manufactured by Timex Portugal.

The game is based upon several short stories from the fourth section of the book, the one dealing with two peculiar kinds of beings, Cronopios and Famas. They symbolize two opposite and complementary qualities of human existence and are both pervaded by a vein of humor and folly.

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Spud v0.225 Released

posted by TecSoft

New version of Spud for anyone who's interested.

ADDED: Load & Save Binary Files.
ADDED: Manually trigger NMI.
ADDED: Microdrive Emulation.
ADDED: View any Microdrives loaded.
ADDED: Interface 1 Emulation.
ADDED: Multiface Emulation.
ADDED: Fuller AY Box Emulation.
ADDED: Cheetah SpecDrum Emulation.
ADDED: Currah uSpeech Emulation.
ADDED: Debugger. Page Selection when Viewing Memory.
FIXED: Folder Selection in Options.

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Sundown 2013 Results and Releases

posted by TecSoft

Results: http://www.pouet.net/party_results.php?which=523&when=2013.
Graphics: http://zx.maros.pri.ee/eng/parties/2013/http-sundowndemoparty-net/.


Unreal Speccy Portable v0.0.50 (Windows), v0.0.51 (Android)

posted by Vinnny

Обновился эмулятор Unreal Speccy Portable для Windows и Android. Список изменений:


  • VTRDOS source updated (games & demos sections)
  • Reset to service ROM option added


  • .fdi file format support
  • .rzx replays support
  • gamepad support
  • auto play files option
  • reset to service rom option
  • mouse sensivity improved
  • true rom in 48k mode
  • memory leaks, uninitialized vars, etc. fixed
  • fixed crash when r/w beyond of disk image
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Demoscene at Multimatograf X

posted by TS-Labs

Ежегодный открытый международный фестиваль мультимедийного творчества «Мультиматограф X» пройдет 25-27 апреля 2014 года в г. Вологде. Все три фестивальных дня будет работать old school zone, на которой Вас ждут: конкурсы демосцены, выставка ретрокомпьютеров, олдскульная геймзона, восьмибитные музыка и видео. А также общение со старыми и новыми друзьями и отличное настроение.

Основной сайт демопати: http://demoscene.multimatograf.ru/
Вконтакте: http://vk.com/multimatograf_demoscene
Форум: http://tslabs.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=282

Правила конкурсов в стадии обсуждения. Обсуждать можно начинать прямо вот сейчас.
Текущий вариант правил: http://demoscene.multimatograf.ru/rules.html
Регистрация на сайте и прием работ будут позже. Онлайн-голосование будет.

А еще, мы высылаем дипломы!!! ;-)

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Microsongs by Yerzmyey

posted by Vinnny

Yerzmyey/AY-Riders продолжает писать музыку в редакторе ZX SoundTracker 1.1 на своём компьютере ZX Spectrum 16K. И как результат - очередной альбом Microsongs. Слушаем и благодарим автора.

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