NedoLang (48K version)

posted by Alone Coder

48K version of NedoLang programming system by Alone Coder. Includes a C-like language compiler for Z80 (PC and ZX versions), assembler, TR-DOS library, and few utilities.


BGE 3.09 New Loupe

posted by Alone Coder

Dart Alver released a new version of graphic editor. Changes include new Magnify (including 8x8 option), checkerboard draw, return of chr plug-in, internal help, and many fixes.


ZX-Blockeditor 2.3 Released

posted by TecSoft

It comes with several bug-fixes and a progress in direction of the coming very soon ZX-Modules Central.

Following changes were made:

February 2014:
Bugfix: When known programs are bound into ZX-Modules Central's panels, they could not be find by the application search function (e.g. a bound ZX-Preview did not receive datablocks from ZX-Blockeditor). This problem has commonly be solved.

June 2013:
Now, two separated generalized pilot and data blocks can be connected with the attach block function.
Author also put the attach and separate block functions into the mouse context menu as well as the main menu bar.
Bugfixes: Some problems around the Datablock composer fixed. Refer to "Common changes".


SkoolKit 3.6 has been released

posted by TecSoft

In case you are unaware, SkoolKit is a set of command line utilities (written in Python) for disassembling Spectrum software, into ASM format (for consumption by assemblers) or into HTML format (for consumption by web browsers).


ZX Explorer v2.0.0.1 Released [PC/Windows]

posted by TecSoft

Claus Jahn released the new version of the database module of ZX-Modules.

Download link: http://www.zxmodules.de/zxexplorer/zxexplorerframe.html.


GenTape v0.20 Released

posted by TecSoft

GenTape is an utility for developers. It creates TAP, TZX and WAV files from binary files. The idea is that you use this utility if you want to release a new game, because with the same command line you can create 3 differents formats.

It supports 7 types of TZX blocks (from ID 10 to ID 15 and ID 20). By now the instructions are in Spanish, but the brief command line help is in English and its easy to understand.

The last version is here.

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SCRplus v0.21 Released

posted by TecSoft

The tool converts images to ZX Spectrum format. Supports ULAplus format, Timex 8x1 attributes and YUV tweaking.


ZX7 Tool Updated

posted by TecSoft

"ZX7" by Einar Saukas is an optimal LZ77/LZSS data compressor for all platforms, including the ZX-Spectrum.

Available implementations of standard LZ77/LZSS compression algorithm use either a "greedy" or "flexible parsing" strategy, that cannot always guarantee the best possible encoding. In comparison, "ZX7" provides a highly efficient compression algorithm that always generate perfectly optimal LZ77/LZSS encoding. Technically it means compressing within space and time O(n) only.

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MinnaMicroZ80 v0.21 (PC/Windows)

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Robee Shepherd has released a new utility MinnaMicroZ80 v0.21.

Short info from the World Of Spectrum:
This is a Windows command line utility for converting Z80 snapshots so they can be restored on a real Spectrum from a Microdrive cartridge. It also includes a BASIC loader utility that you should install to each cartridge, and that supports multiple games on a single cartridge.

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Games Menu V1 Released

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It is a menu system for games (initially) but can be adopted in any way the user wishes.

This games menu system was modified for use with the divIDE / + with the esxDOS 0.8.0 system and a compact flash card attached. It is possible it could be adapted to other interfaces that use a CF (or HD).


Android App: Speccy Live Wallpaper LITE

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ZX Spectrum tribute live wallpaper for Android phones. It allows to "spectrumize" photos with real load images and sounds, and many great enhancements!

Double tap to share picture in your favorite social network (Facebook/G+/Gmail) and to access wallpaper options! Once the LW starts, shake the phone to activate it. When the image is loaded, shake it again to spetrumize another image. Shake hardness can be configured in the options menu. Download it at Google Play.


Brand New Software: OUTplay v1.3

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Crisis made a very slow but functional Basic AY GUI. Every AY-register and AY-bitflag as its own key.

You can download and comment updated version of OutPlay at the World of Spectrum.


ZX-Blockeditor v2.1.1 (PC/Windows)

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Claus Jahn released another new version of his prod, which allows to create or edit existing ZX Spectrum emulator files.


New fixed SNAPLOAD command for Esxdos 0.8.0

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Velesoft fixed some bugs in SNAPLOAD command for Esxdos 0.8.0.

Original code is used from FATWARE system and some SNA and Z80 files load or run incorrect. New snapload command is now add to zip archive with Esxdos system files.

List of Velesoft fixes (19.4.2012 - 13.8.2012) in SNAPLOAD (in compare with FATWARE or Esxdos 0.7.3):

  • LOCK to 48kB mode is enable for all 48kB Z80/SNA and 128kB SNA files. (128kB Z80 snapshots run only in 128kB mode)
  • correct register R value for all snapshots
  • Z80 snapshot - ram pages is loaded to correspond adress (ram 5 load to adress 16384 and ram 2 to adress 32768 )
  • fixed rom paging for +2A/+3 models
  • fixed EI/DI detection in SNA format ( now detect only bit D2 with IFF2 state - 0=DI / 1=EI )
  • add new detection if data in Z80v1 are compressed or uncompressed (original code use always compressed data/ignore bit D5 of +12th byte ader).
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    Brand New Utility: VideoTime 2

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    Einar Saukas and Flavio M. Matsumoto published VideoTime 2 — a utility to examine video timings of Spectrum-related machines (and clones).

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    Image to ZX Spec 1.3.3 Released

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    Image To ZX Spec is a multi core capable image and video converter that can produce vintage computer art images (jpeg/png) of any size and can even convert work to a real ZX Spectrum (or an emulator) as a slideshow or video. This is useful to create retro 8bit music videos, posters, tshirts, mock screenshots etc etc - you do not even need a Spectrum to use this program!

    It is written in Java and will work on Windows, Linux (tested on Ubuntu) or any Java 6 capable operating system.

    What's new in 1.3.3:

  • Added random single frame video preview.
  • Added improved video format support.
  • More monochrome dither fixes.
  • More UI changes.
  • Added serpentine error diffusion option.
  • Added error diffusion constraining option.
  • Improved error diffusion accuracy.

    Download link: