CC15 fast ZX results

posted by Vinnny

ZX Spectrum 640K Demo
1 (167 pts) Краски Deluxe by Kpacku
2 (140 pts) PRECALCULATED by skrju
3 (131 pts) eihwaz by hedj/shafft/nq/diver
4 (118 pts) Voices by DenisGrachev/RetroSouls
5 (102 pts) respect minidemo by DenisGrachev/RetroSouls
6 (100 pts) Party Version by Misha_Pertsovsky
7 (94 pts) За грибы by Дибилики

ZX Spectrum Enhanced Demo
1 (134 pts) Space Invaders vs Mario by VBI/Consciousness
2 (107 pts) Carousel by g0blinish
3 (88 pts) ldi by wbc \\ b-state

ZX Spectrum 1K Intro
1 (180 pts) less than three squared by kowalski
2 (141 pts) A Chaos Construction by introspec
3 (111 pts) Cells by goblinish

ZX Spectrum Tiny Intro (256b)
1 (168 pts) CALL256NOW! by SerzhSoft
2 (108 pts) Blo by g0blinish
3 (103 pts) CCeTo4kA by tiboh/debris

ZX Spectrum Game
1 (128 pts) Lirus by DenisGrachev/RetroSouls
2 (119 pts) Батискаф by Jerri/Red Triangle
3 (109 pts) Замок by Destr
4 (92 pts) mazegame by DenPopov

ZX Spectrum Graphics
1 (167 pts) Blue Surf by mr_r0ckers
2 (164 pts) Владимир Маяковский by moroz1999
3 (157 pts) Singer by dman/Placebo and Blocktronics
4 (142 pts) Armageddon by Tzerra/ERA Creative Group
5 (136 pts) Unity by Lamer Pinky/Gemba Boys
6 (117 pts) All Glorious Lady B by Vassa
7 (99 pts) silent soldiers by scalesmann/march[ing] cats

ZX Spectrum AY-Music
1 (95 pts) Farewell Summer by MmcM^Sage
2 (90 pts) flying around: building the chaos by wbc / b-state
3 (89 pts) to beep or not to beep by kotsoft/no
4 (84 pts) jamaica by scalesmann/march[ing] cats feat unaware
5 (82 pts) Way To Unity by Lamer Pinky/Gemba Boys
6 (81 pts) Meskalite by aGGreSSor/CPU
7 (75 pts) auricom by scalesmann/march[ing] cats feat frolic&fo
8 (68 pts) saving progress............done by gotoandplay/botb
9 (64 pts) Le droit chemin by garvalf

ZX Spectrum Beeper Music
1 (122 pts) Tritone Techno by Zlew/BotB
2 (88 pts) Showdown by utz/irrlicht project
3 (66 pts) Clouds and... by garvalf


Global Tracker 2.0b released

posted by Alone Coder

Dr. Max/Global Corporation has released Global Tracker 2.0b!

This tracker can import ST, STpro, and PT2 modules, as well as PT2 instruments, ornaments, and patterns.

Dr. Max/Global Corporation выпустил Global Tracker 2.0b!

Трекер может импортировать музыку в форматах ST, STpro, PT2, инструменты, орнаменты и паттерны PT2.


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Sinclair ZX Spectrum VEGA

posted by Vinnny

С 24 августа в продаже появится игровая консоль Sinclair ZX Spectrum VEGA. Разработчик Retro Computers Ltd. В комплект входит ровно 1000 игр. Стоимость 100 фунтов.


Info Guide #11

posted by ЭЛВЭДЭ

The most awaited e-zine of this summer is now released in full!
Check it here: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=66207

It features both russian and english disks -- with every article carefully translated into both languages.

Tons of additional stuff are also there.

Even some 48k coding first-timers are there too!

Despite only in TRD form, it is proven to work even in esxdos trdos emulator!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release.


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JSpeccy v0.93.1

posted by Vinnny

Обновился JSpeccy - эмулятор Спектрума на Java. Исправлена обработка клавиатур, поддержана свежая Java 8, добавлено одновременное воспроизведение beeper+AY, исправлена эмуляция AY, и прочее.

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ZEsarUX v3.0

posted by Vinnny

Вышла новая версия ZEsarUX (Windows/Linux) - эмулятора машин: ZX Spectrum, ZX80, ZX81, Z88, ZX-Uno. О последнем чуть больше: это новый клон на FPGA, пока в стадии разработки. Фото:

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Chaos Constructions 2015

posted by Vinnny

29-30 августа в Санкт-Петербурге состоится демопати Chaos Constructions 2015. Добрая половина конкурсов посвящена ZX Spectrum. Кстати, празднуем 20-летие русской демосцены!

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Speccy v3.8.1

posted by Vinnny

Марат Файзуллин почти ежемесячно обновляет свой эмулятор Speccy. Свежую версию для Windows и Linux можно скачать на домашней странице, также есть бесплатная и полная (Deluxe) версии для Android.

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1tracker v0.20

posted by Vinnny

Shiru выложил новую версию музыкального редактора 1tracker для Windows для создания 1bit beeper музыки для ZX Spectrum. Добавлен новый движок Phaser3.

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