The Spectrum Show #30

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In the last episode of the series, we take a look at the news and top selling Spectrum games from July 1985. In an end of series special, we take a look at probably the best known game publisher on the Spectrum, Ultimate Play The Game.

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Вышел новый клон Спектрума AVR ZX SPECTRUM v2.0, размером около двух обычных карандашей. Обсуждение проекта тут. Видео-обзор от автора:

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Pyskool 1.1.2

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Pyskool is a remake of Microsphere's Skool games written in Python and Pygame. It's designed to be very customisable and tweakable: even the behaviour of the characters is determined by lines in plain text configuration files.

The main changes since 1.1.1 are new theme tunes, new 'all shields' tunes, new 'open safe' tunes, new 'up a year' tunes and new lesson questions and answers for Skool Daze Take Too, Ezad Looks, and Back to Skool Daze. The new tunes (actually nursery rhymes and other traditional songs) are done in the style of the original Skool game tunes (i.e. rasping notes produced by code running in contended memory). Hopefully you'll be able to recognise some of them!


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Retro Asylum: The Trap Door

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RZX Archive: Super Mario Bros. (Playable Demo) Walkthrough

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TSS 16K — Firebirds

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A very early Phoenix variant from Softek — but is it any good?

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RZX Archive: JINJ 2 — Belmonte’s Revenge Walkthrough, ZX Spectrum

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YERZMYEY — Courtesy (a ZX+AY cover of Super Hexagon Chipzel’s Song)

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ZX Spectrum 48K with AY-interface. 3 channels Speccy chip tune. A cover of "Courtesy" (Super Hexagon) song by Chipzel.

Also, probably not entirely finished as we would run out of RAM on the target-machine (Vectrex).

Go and get the Chipzel's full album: http://chipzel.co.uk/album/super-hexagon-ep.


ArtField 2014 Official Results

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ZX Gfx [ZX Art gallery]
1 8.42 4 Witches are good friends with piggies / Vassa
2 7.94 7 SiNthetic prof4d / Русаков Алексей Юрьевич
3 7.84 5 The departure of a demon / moroz1999
4 7.52 6 Do you like demo about me / TmK
5 6.20 3 The Eye
6 5.56 1 Александр
7 5.56 2 Shagorod

Realtime ZX Gfx
1 8.44 8 Малефисента / Воропаева Елена
2 8 4 smuzzy Shuran33, Александр Будкин
3 7.28 1 raziel / татьяна Другова
4 7.16 7 - / Пожидаев Иван
5 6.84 6 babochka / Воропаева Елена
6 5.44 3 - / LordGrey, Сергей Уваров
7 5.16 2 3dlife / Flast, Федоров Павел
8 4.8 5 Azzy / Александр Жевнеров

The best exhibit: Nintendo Virtual Boy


ANN: Tipshop updated Sunday, 01 June 2014

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The Tipshop site was updated again. Full list of changes you can read at the World Of Spectrum.

The Tipshop aims to be the site for hints, tips, maps, cheats, hacks, pokes - anything that will help you play Spectrum and SAM games.

Database size: 18350 entries for 4887 games.