The Spectrum Show #24

posted by Vinnny

Paul Jenkinson поздравляет всех с Рождеством и в свежем выпуске видео-подкаста The Spectrum Show знакомит нас с десяткой лучших игр на новогоднюю тематику, сделанных в первые 4 года существования ZX-Spectrum. Смотрим и играем вместе!

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Beepola v1.08 Available

posted by TecSoft

Beepola is a tracker-style music editor for Windows, capable of compiling songs into a form suitable for playback on Sinclair Spectrum and compatible computers.

New things include:
* Manual note detune for Huby beeper engine.

* New engine: QChan. A 4 channel engine, written by Shiru. It has a similar sound to the popular SpecialFX engine, but with 2 more channels, 12 drums, smaller player code, user-settable volume levels, and requires no IM2 routine. The overall sound has been likened to some of Tim Follin's classic work.

* New engine: Tritone, also by Shiru. A powerful 3 channel engine, with 24 percussion sounds, manual note detune, and tone skew.This thread has some stunning examples of what can be achieved with this engine.

* Improvements to the Song Ripper. It'll now also rip Tritone and QChan songs in addition to the other formats, and has a new Manual option for ripping song data that uses modified/non-standard player code.

* Various UI improvements and new features (Edit->Pattern->Split, changes to the way File->New behaves, etc).

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Robocop 3 by pROF/4d

posted by TecSoft


This is Tritone (New Beeper Music Compilation)

posted by TecSoft

A Battle of the Bits music compilation! All made by nix./site, brightentayle and, most importantly, TK90X Fan! \ ^_^ /

All the songs in here use a beeper engine by Shiru called Tritone, which provides three channels of (variable) tone, a semi-volume control feature and an extra drum channel. It's more awesome than it looks like in this thread - just listen, it's really like Commodore 64's SID in just one bit.

By the way, Mister Beep used Tritone to make the music for Pariboro.

Download the compilation (tap, tzx, trd, hobeta and source code included).


“8-Bit Bach” Up-to-Date

posted by TecSoft

bachFixes of little errors during the performance of several tracks inside the program.

Download the new version (v2.1).

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JHCon 2013 Results and Releases

posted by TecSoft

JHCon [yeah-ha:-kon] is a Czech ZX Spectrum scene meeting usually taking place in December in the town of Jindrichuv Hradec, Czech Republic.

JHCon 2013 is OVER.

Download the compo pack. Results are here. Some photos here.


Brand New Game: Escape from ASYLUM

posted by TecSoft

An entry in the familiar Game Jam a 48h game creation party!

You're in a mental institution and you have to escape... You'll see some crazy things, first time in your speccy!

MUSIC: Sergeeo
CODE: D_Skywalk
GFX, GAME CONCEPT: Jack Shadow, D_Skywalk

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No Skulls by speccy.pl

posted by TecSoft

First release from JHCon 2013.

Download it at Pouet.net.

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The Spectrum Show #23

posted by Vinnny

Paul Jenkinson выпустил свежий номер своего подкаста The Spectrum Show. Видео возвращает нас в январь 1985 года, новости и игры тех лет, а также обзор некоторых новинок нашего времени, включая divIDE, который позволяет использовать на Спектруме современные и быстрые устройства хранения данных.

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