NedoLang (48K version)

posted by Alone Coder

48K version of NedoLang programming system by Alone Coder. Includes a C-like language compiler for Z80 (PC and ZX versions), assembler, TR-DOS library, and few utilities.


Spectrum 48 Demo and Chiptune Album

posted by Yerzmyey

Irrlicht Project let me know about his the newest ZX48 demo and album with chiptune music.

His original txt:
"40 minutes of obscure, melodic 1-bit music somewhat influenced by 70s prog rock, metal, and darker flavours of chiptune. Made for and recorded from ZX Spectrum 48K."

Really good music work, so check it out dudez. Or druzja. Or pratele. Or Freunde. Or Amigos. And so on.


Wittro by ZeroTeam & Gemba Boys

posted by TecSoft

Name: Wittro
Type: dentro
Release date: 27.8. 2013
Credits: code - ellvis and mike, gfx - ellvis, music factor6/Gemba Boys
Note: work on both, 48kB and 128kB Spectrum.

Download the dentro at the Pouet.


New Wave 48K by Alone Coder & friends

posted by TecSoft

Download source file (TAP+TRD).


Happy New Year 2013

posted by TecSoft

HNY2013Mini demo for ZX Spectrum 48K + AY by Noby & Factor6.

iNTR0 gFX: Factor6
iNTR0 bEEP: Factor6
iNTR0 c0DE: Factor6
mAiN gFX: Factor6 & Noby
mAiN mSX: Factor6
mAiN c0DE: Noby
mAiN tEXT: Noby & Factor6


&#147Z80&#148 Music Album by MISTER BEEP

posted by news

There is a new ZX music album from Mister Beep. Recorded from real hardware and published for the 30th anniversary of ZX Spectrum 48K.

The album's title: Z80

Published: January 2012 by http://www.kittenrock.co.uk for 30th anniversary of ZX Spectrum 48K.

01. MISTER BEEP - 1 bit synthetic
02. MISTER BEEP - Save the Kingdom
03. MISTER BEEP - Spiral space Part Z
04. MISTER BEEP - Noises Part 1
05. MISTER BEEP - Greetings to C64
06. MISTER BEEP - Enemies from outer constellation
07. MISTER BEEP - Spiral space Part Y
08. MISTER BEEP - Triton and mermaid
09. MISTER BEEP - Noises Part 2
10. Factor6 - Firefly’s Revenge (guest song)
11. irrlicht project - What’s dat fuzz (guest song)

Total Time: 31:01 min.


ZX Spectrum 48K portal updated

posted by news

Yerzmyey updated ZX Spectrum 48K portal in ZX48 BEEPER demos section and ZX48+AY demos section. As he said, good year for the ZX Spectrum 48k.