AGD v4.3 ZX

posted by Vinnny

Jonathan Cauldwell обновил для Спектрума конструктор игр Arcade Game Designer. Исправлена проблема с командой COLLISION, табуляция в звуковом редакторе, отображение номера экрана в редакторе экранов.

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Happy Birthday | riskej/simbols

posted by pulsar


Happy birthday to riskej/simbols!

Get the gift here.


Wittro by ZeroTeam & Gemba Boys

posted by TecSoft

Name: Wittro
Type: dentro
Release date: 27.8. 2013
Credits: code - ellvis and mike, gfx - ellvis, music factor6/Gemba Boys
Note: work on both, 48kB and 128kB Spectrum.

Download the dentro at the Pouet.


The Spectrum Show #20

posted by TecSoft

This is the last in the current series, but don't worry, we'll be back very soon with a whole new series and some great content.

In this episode though, we go back to October 1984 for all the latest Sinclair news and top selling Spectrum games. And, in an end of series special we take a look at all of the games from Imagine Software. The real Imagine before they went bust in July 1984. Thats a massive twelve games, all reviewed in this episode!

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Edge Magazine 20th Anniversary With Speccy Cover

posted by TecSoft


Original thread at the WOS.

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Исходники NeoGS

posted by Vinnny

Приобщиться к разработке звуковой платы NeoGS теперь может каждый. Группа NedoPC выложила весь исходный код на Google Code.

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The Lost Treasure

posted by Vinnny

Вышла игра The Lost Treasure. Собираем разбросанные сокровища по пещерам и продвигаемся всё дальше и дальше к выходу. Скачать. Игра написана на движке CGD (Classic Game Designer) и участвует в конкурсе CSSCGC 2013 (comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Compo) на самую "дерьмовую" игру года. Может и ты поучаствуешь?

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Mojon Twins Covertape #2 update

posted by Vinnny

The Mojon Twins обновили в своём сборнике Covertape #2 игру Ramire the Vampire and the Mushrooms of Cheshire. Всего сборник содержит 12 игр. Качаем и играем!

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ZX-Chip #25

posted by TecSoft

01. some words about chilling rain
02. into my head
03. we won't go to the end
04. lonesome george's last stand
05. no tears, no fears, no hopes
06. summer walk
07. as the flower turned to stone
08. waterfall
09. morning glory (feat n.gallagher)
10. [as soon] as it began (lp edition)
11. rainbow after rain
12. forever drunk stupid idiot

Or listen the podcast at the official site.

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strelka 14hb

posted by nix./site

A new gift by nix./site, shyningark and brightentayle.



CC13 full results w/ download

posted by nix./site

ZX Spectrum 640k Demo
01. 251 The Cambrian Explosion by Hooy-Program
02. 193 Dust by g0blinish/
03. 143 Two Effect by 3ASOFT/AAABand Group
04. 140 The kih by Kakos_nonos
05. 131 Vyborg Demo by Funsoft

ZX Spectrum 1k Intro
01. 220 Make Demos Not 1K Intros by TmK/deMarche
02. 206 LifeMusic by g0blinish
03. 202 Prepare, it will be loud by g0blinish
04. 185 Xubez by VBI
05. 171 Xolon by VBI

ZX Spectrum Game
01. 191 Super Eldarman by Shuric Program
02. 155 War Of Colors by Minin Aleksandr
03. 116 White House by Boys
04. 106 Craft by Hlopotin Jeny

Realtime ZX Graphics
01. 213 CeCyPuTu (sesurity) by nix./site
02. 189 security by diver/4d
03. 181 Resting guard by Vassa
04. 166 ОХРАНА, СТОП! by Samanasuke
05. 151 Nikolai Kopeikin (copy) by moroz1999
06. 124 my lovely dudes it is for you! take a smile! we love you! by Sand
06. 124 ХаХана! Аромащь by DP aka Den Popov
08. 116 Chaos 2113 by John Norton Irr
09. 110 Ohrana CC13 by Kakos_nonos

ZX Graphics
01. 283 Mercenary 3: The Melange Defender by diver/4d
02. 273 look back by r0bat
03. 259 Piggy by Mad Max
04. 248 Zetixus by Piesiu/Agenda ^ MSB
05. 244 Inquisition by aGGreSSor/CPU
06. 223 to do all anything by Schafft
07. 207 Alice in wonderland 2030 by Vassa
08. 201 Africa by P_ Jane
09. 181 Make Demos Not Gfx by TmK/deMarche
10. 175 Fly Kiss by Snake
11. 172 TNBM IS ALWAYS WINS! by mihhru
12. 164 Планета Лейв by RD
13. 157 Do A Devil LOL by nix./site
14. 149 Jedi by John Norton Irr
15. 126 Dizzy's Choice by John Norton Irr
16. 119 Krokodila by Jenya
17. 103 Дискотека у Ферлямбы by Jenya

ZX AY-Music
01. 125 Beyond Time by MmcM/Sage
02. 116 [as soon] as it began by scalesmann/march[ing]_cats
03. 108 Lovers by C-jeff
04. 101 Tekka Tekka by brightentayle
05. 90 Young and Beautiful by nq/skrju
06. 80 "Zatknis" (funny remix) by Silent
07. 77 Space Odyssey by Research

ZX Spectrum Beeper Music
01. 107 Destruction Force by Darkman007/Quite
02. 87 Beeper Infection by Kakos_nonos
03. 86 Soldat by Alone Coder
04. 80 Highway Fifteen by targarim/leftchace feat. nix./site
05. 75 Fly Away [Beep version] by Silent
06. 74 Power of nature by Kakos_nonos
07. 63 Extreme Error by irrlicht project

Some links might be broken, so in case of anything like that, visit the official CC results showcase.

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CC13 quick results

posted by nix./site

AY Music
1. MMCM/SAGE == Beyond Time
2. SCL/march[ing] cats == [as soon] as it began
3. Jeffie == Lovers

Beeper Music
1. Destruction Force
2. Alone Coder == Soldat
3. Beeper Infection

Regular Graphics
1. diver/4d == Mercenary 3: The Melange Defender
2. wizard == look back
3. MadMax == Piggy

Realtime Graphics
1. nix./site == CeCyPuTu (sesurity)
2. diver/4d == security
3. Vassa == Resting guard

Realtime Music (ZX releases only)
2. MMCM/SAGE == Grand Hotel

1. Shuric Program == Super Eldarman
2. Minin Aleksandr == War Of Colors
3. Boys == White House

1K Intro
1. TmK/deMarche == Make Demos Not 1K Intros
2. g0blinish == LifeMusic
3. g0blinish == Prepare, it will be loud

640K Demo
1. Hooy-Program == The Cambrian Explosion
2. g0blinish == Dust
3. 3ASOFT/AAABand Group == Two Effect

Some of the authors out there are... Well, still unknown.


ZX-Chip #24

posted by Vinnny

Nodeus выложил свежий номер аудио-подкаста ZX-Chip, посвящённый музыке для Спектрума. Новый выпуск обозревает недавно прошедшие демопати DiHalt и 3BM OpenAir.

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Request in’ Peace v1.1

posted by Vinnny

Испанцы выпустили новую игру Request in' Peace для ZX-128k. Вы выступаете в роли сторожа на кладбище. Как оказывается, там по ночам бродит много всякой нечисти. С ней то и придётся бороться!

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Image To ZX Spec 1.3.4 Released

posted by TecSoft

As a reminder, Image To ZX Spec is a multi core capable image and video converter that can produce vintage computer art images (jpeg/png) of any size and can even convert work to a real ZX Spectrum (or an emulator) as a slideshow or video. This is useful to create retro 8bit music videos, posters, tshirts, mock screenshots etc etc - you do not even need a Spectrum to use this program!

Version 1.3.4:

  • Updated for Java 7.
  • Added VLC compatible video importing option.
  • Added simultaneous video decode/spectrum encode.
  • Added new prefer detail setting improving output.
  • Added new Sierra error diffusion option.
  • Added automatic preference saving.
  • Added dynamic memory allocation (grabs as much free as possible).
  • Added conversion cancel button (finally!).
  • Removed some redundant localisation code.
  • English text and licenses changes.
  • 6Aug/13Off

    SpecBAS 0.780 Released

    posted by TecSoft

    Download it at the official site.


  • SCALE to PRINT and TEXT. PRINT SCALE 2,2;"Hi!" will display 2x text size. SCALE 2,3 will do 2x width and 3x height
  • MATRIX maths with the MAT command from the original Dartmouth spec. Add, sub, mul, scale, inversion, identities etc
  • BIN from Sinclair BASIC makes an entrance. Pointless (use the % symbol to denote binary) but included for completeness
  • Dynamic array allocation - DIM a() - note the empty brackets, then just use it. Elements are added as they are written to the array in the positions you choose
  • Factorial operator - PRINT 3! displays 6. High priority. PRINT 2+3! shows 8, as does PRINT 3!+2
  • LCM(a,b) and GCD(a,b) functions - Lowest common multiple and greatest common divisor.