Invitation to Out of Compo 2016

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Coming Soon Zapilyator Party 2014 by AAA

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“On Her Majesty’s Sceneish Service” by HOOY-PROGRAM

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si13Sundown 2013 invitation presented at Assembly 2013 by Gasman/Hooy-Program.

Be there:
6 - 8 September 2013
Budleigh Salterton, UK


Arok 2013: One Love

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Big cudos to the Spectrum scene! Let me inform you on Arok Party 2013, which is going to gather the 8bit enthusiasts for the weekend of 5-th July. All Speccy-maniacs are welcome to the event where you get your one and only love Demoscene and gaming compos, 8bit cover bands live and open-air, seminars, boozing tent... all you need to see the world in 8bits! Meet you at Ajka/Hungary!

Check our website for more information: http://arok.intro.hu/

Have a sneak peek into the mood!

...and watch the C64 invitation dentro on youtube or on a real machine. [released at Forever 2013].


ZXAAA Compo2 Invitro2

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FOREVER14 Invitation Intro by Gemba Boys

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Code: Noby.
Music: z00m
Text: Ellvis.

Watch the intro at Pouet.net.


ZXAAA Compo 2013 Invitro

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So meet the invitation to the party!


ShuCon 2012 invitation

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Все знают про мини-пати ShuCon. На нём участники по большей части весело проводят время, всё же не забывая при этом о Спектруме.
Чешские рэперы уже вовсю приглашают вас на следующий ShuCon 2012!

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ZXAAA Invitro Megademo

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zxaainvitroAAA Band released ZXAAA Invitro Megademo for the upcoming ZXAAA Demo Competition.

S - start, QAOP - navigation.
"GFX" in the epilogue - hidden part.

And don't forget to get the last version of UnrealSpeccy emulator here for watching.


Hackers Top 2010 Autumn Edition|Invitation

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Hackers Top 2010 Autumn Edition Invitation

Код, графика и шрифты - restorer/tgt
Музыка - thism/lsk

Скачать invitation.


dihalt2010 win-invitation

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deMarche выпустила для платформы windows invitation на dihalt 2010.

скачать, или посмотреть:


hackers top 2o1o demoparty invitation

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19 марта вышла invitation от организаторов hackers top, скачать|смотреть on-line: speccy|youtube. маленькой симпатичной интрой, авторы: mmcm|music, breeze|gfx, restorer|code, еще раз напоминают об апрельском мероприятии.