SpecBAS 0.780 Released

posted by TecSoft

Download it at the official site.


  • SCALE to PRINT and TEXT. PRINT SCALE 2,2;"Hi!" will display 2x text size. SCALE 2,3 will do 2x width and 3x height
  • MATRIX maths with the MAT command from the original Dartmouth spec. Add, sub, mul, scale, inversion, identities etc
  • BIN from Sinclair BASIC makes an entrance. Pointless (use the % symbol to denote binary) but included for completeness
  • Dynamic array allocation - DIM a() - note the empty brackets, then just use it. Elements are added as they are written to the array in the positions you choose
  • Factorial operator - PRINT 3! displays 6. High priority. PRINT 2+3! shows 8, as does PRINT 3!+2
  • LCM(a,b) and GCD(a,b) functions - Lowest common multiple and greatest common divisor.
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