Beepola v1.08 Available

posted by TecSoft

Beepola is a tracker-style music editor for Windows, capable of compiling songs into a form suitable for playback on Sinclair Spectrum and compatible computers.

New things include:
* Manual note detune for Huby beeper engine.

* New engine: QChan. A 4 channel engine, written by Shiru. It has a similar sound to the popular SpecialFX engine, but with 2 more channels, 12 drums, smaller player code, user-settable volume levels, and requires no IM2 routine. The overall sound has been likened to some of Tim Follin's classic work.

* New engine: Tritone, also by Shiru. A powerful 3 channel engine, with 24 percussion sounds, manual note detune, and tone skew.This thread has some stunning examples of what can be achieved with this engine.

* Improvements to the Song Ripper. It'll now also rip Tritone and QChan songs in addition to the other formats, and has a new Manual option for ripping song data that uses modified/non-standard player code.

* Various UI improvements and new features (Edit->Pattern->Split, changes to the way File->New behaves, etc).

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