MinnaMicroZ80 v0.21 (PC/Windows)

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Robee Shepherd has released a new utility MinnaMicroZ80 v0.21.

Short info from the World Of Spectrum:
This is a Windows command line utility for converting Z80 snapshots so they can be restored on a real Spectrum from a Microdrive cartridge. It also includes a BASIC loader utility that you should install to each cartridge, and that supports multiple games on a single cartridge.

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  1. @лэвэдэ: Антивирусом подрабатываешь, небось? :)

  2. ‘windows’ + ‘command line’ = говнокод и отсутствие рук для программирования, отсутствие сорцов = выложен запускальщик вирусов или троян. Всё просто :-D

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