SkoolKit 3.6 has been released

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In case you are unaware, SkoolKit is a set of command line utilities (written in Python) for disassembling Spectrum software, into ASM format (for consumption by assemblers) or into HTML format (for consumption by web browsers).

Here are some of the things that SkoolKit can do:
- disassemble SNA snapshots, Z80 snapshots, SZX snapshots, and raw binary files
- do a reasonable job of distinguishing code from data by means of the default static code analysis algorithm
- do a much better job of distinguishing code from data by using a profile, trace or map produced by Fuse, SpecEmu, Spud, Zero or Z80
- automatically label routine entry points
- automatically annotate every routine entry point with a list of the callers (hyperlinked in the HTML output)
- create hyperlinks between routines and data blocks that refer to each other (by use of the #R macro in annotations, and automatically in the operands of CALL and JP instructions)
- move a cigar from one side of its mouth to the other without using its hands
- augment an HTML disassembly with neatly rendered lists of bugs, pokes and trivia
- create still PNG/GIF images from graphic data in the snapshot
- create animated PNG/GIF images from graphic data in the snapshot (new in 3.6)
- from a single source file, produce ASM files with or without bug fixes, and with or without unused bytes removed
- produce a 'perfect' snapshot from a TAP/TZX file (i.e. a snapshot of the RAM as it would be immediately after the tape has loaded)
- convert a binary file into a TAP file containing a BASIC loader

Here are some of the disassemblies that SkoolKit has been used in the making of:
Skool Daze
Knight Tyme
The Great Escape

Finally, here are some of the places from which you can obtain SkoolKit:

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