SpecBAS 0.766 Now Available

posted by TecSoft


  • SAVE "" now saves to the current program name
  • PRINT now obeys the ORIGIN command's function for text placement with AT
  • Significant speedups in handling arrays
  • CLIP OFF - turn off global clipping
  • OUT - send text output to a variable (OUT var$), a stream (OUT stream-id) or the default screen (OUT SCREEN)
  • OUT can be embedded in a PRINT or TEXT command
  • INV n, UNDER, POLYTERM and COMPSIMPSON maths functions as requested
  • Improved the speed that statements containing DATA and LABEL are executed (or rather, aren't executed!)
  • FOR EACH n IN [1,2,3] will loop three times and set n to 1, 2 and 3 with each run through. Also works for strings - FOR EACH n$ IN ["a" TO "z"] for example
  • LIST now works as per Mallard BASIC ( LIST TO 100, LIST 50 TO 100, LIST 100 TO )
  • CAT can now recurse directories if you so choose - CAT "filespec" ALL
  • Python-style string multiplication - 2*"Hello" will create the string "HelloHello"
  • Full list of changes available at the WOS.

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      остальное – слегка отрыжка

    2. >ну как зачем? не ужели ты никогда не мечтал попИсать на басице?)
      Никогда не мечтал, тем более на пейсюке. Я чо, укуренный шоле?

    3. ЭЛВЭДЭ>о май gud, щитойта и зачем оно?

      ну как зачем? не ужели ты никогда не мечтал попИсать на басице?)

    4. список новофич.

    5. о май gud, щитойта и зачем оно?

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