IRIS Ultrademo Rebuilt By drbars

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The original IRIS Ultrademo was shown on Enlight '97 outside the compo and in fact was glitchy as hell. A lot later, drbars decided to rebuild it from the source code available on Open Source ZX, so now it has smaller size and more adequate data loading for every part. If you're still unfamiliar with IRIS, I've gotta tell you that there's a lot of parts here, so be extremely patient while watching this. :)

Download the TRD here.

Tape version coming up!

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Brand New Crack: Maritrini feat. Fratellis by Slider

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ScreenieFinally, the prequel to Maritrini's adventures is available in TR-DOS disk format! Download it here.


Brand New Crack: Elite SuperTrux by Slider

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ScreenieSlider, the former member of SG-Team, has released a new crack of a really old game, complete with the new intro by Jerri and audiovisuals by nix./site.

Download it now!


Announcement of Down! [ZX81] by Revival Studios

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CoverDown! released for Sinclair ZX-81 computer

Revival Studios is proud to present their third game release for the Sinclair ZX-81, called Down! In Down!, the player needs to escape a burning village by manouvering downwards into the caverns beneath the village. Fall down from platform to platform while picking up items to gain points.

The game features include:

  • Fast and addictive arcade gameplay
  • Running animated character in just a few tiny monochrome pixels
  • Internet highscore uploading
  • Online rewards
  • Support for AY soundboards
  • ZXpand joystick interface support

The game runs on a standard ZX-81 with 16KB RAM and is available on cassette tape, as well as digital download.
For more information about the game, visit: http://www.revival-studios.com/?page=135


Announcements of Avalanche and Mayhem [ZX81] by Revival Studios

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Revival Studios releases new games for the Sinclair ZX-81 computer

Revival Studios has started development and publishing for the Sinclair ZX-81 home computer. The first 2 releases are Avalanche and Mayhem.

Avalanche is a fun action game people can just pick up and play. The player has to shoot the various gems that are falling down from the top of the screen. The gems are marked with symbols and the player has to match up the symbol of his ship with the symbol on the gems.

Mayhem is centered around Clive Junior (Sir Clive's clumsy son). His latest invention went terribly wrong! It exploded and all kinds of parts are flying across the room! Your goal is clear and simple: avoid the debris while running around and picking up parts to gain points!

The games feature modern features such as:

  • Fast, flicker free, arcade gameplay
  • Online highscores and achievements
  • Support for the Zxpand joystick interface
  • Support for AY soundboards

Both games run on a ZX81 with 16KB RAM and are available on cassette tape and as digital download. For more information about the games, check out the Revival Studios website at: www.revival-studios.com


Brand New Game: A.R.C.O.S. by Kabuto Factory

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ScreenieWhat do you get when you mix Breakout and Space Invaders? Sure thing, this game. Get it here.

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nqe hb30 gift

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nokode :: miajake
musik & graphiks :: brightentayle

link me beautiful
tape version by yerzmyey


We Have Accidentally Stolen Your Bubbles by Gasman

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ScreenieGasman of HOOY-PROGRAM has made this little 128b intro for the Outline 2012 party. No comments needed for this one, so go get it here.

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nq/skrju Celebrates 30 Years!

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The most famous ex-USSR Speccy chiptunist of this era, as well as a relatively well-known indie game music composer, n1k-o a.k.a. nq has turned thirty today!
Screenie by nix./site

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JHCon2012 Invitation

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Factor 6 invites everyone to take part in the all-new installment of the yearly JHCon, which will take place in Jindrichuv Hradec, Czech Republic! This year's event motto is "1K is enough", so the main focus will be put on the 1K intros. The rules of the compo can be read here.


Monochrome Issue 3 by Yerzmyey

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A new issue of a ZX81-related magazine has been released last month, although it's better late than to never see it, right? So look it up here.

Among other stuff, a review of several ZX81 games and demos (mostly done by Revival Studios) and about ZONXplorer, a new TurboSound interface.


Lighter 3 and 4 – English Version

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ScreenieThanks to Gasman, issues three and four, which were translated from Russian to English, are now available in .tap! Discuss these on the WoS forum boards.

Meanwhile, issue five is on the move!

Don't forget to take a look at the Russian originals, if you want, both downloadable here and there.


Strange Light Under My Bed by Yerzmyey

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Ubiktune has released an all-new shortplay album by Yerzmyey this week. It includes only five tracks in the Berlin School genre mix, two of which were composed on ZX Spectrum's AY and beeper and then underwent some heavy post-production, like the other songs in there.


Brand New Game by Mojon Twins: Maritrini Starring The Fratellis

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A more simplistic and a more humorous prequel to Maritrini: The Freelance Monster Slayer. Its' full title translates to something like Maritrini, Freelance Monster Slayer, in "The incredible misadventures of waking up with a hangover and Fred in your bed and having to get (more or less in time) to an audition for "Vigorous Monsters with Shiny Manly Chests" featuring The Fratellis. The gameplay is now based off Babaliba rather than Gauntlet.

Maritrini Andrews, a young actress, wakes up after a loud party in her mansion and needs to do her morning deeds before she goes to the audition of a new movie called "Vigorous Monsters with Shiny, Manly Chests". The only problem is: the things she needs for those deeds are scattered all around the mansion area, which is ridiculously huge, not to mention that her neighbors, the Fratellis, appearantly want to tear our heroine to pieces...

This is also a demo for the upcoming Super Babazoominator Construction Kit for ZX Basic, which is to be released in the meantime. As for now, you can get the game here and its' source code there.

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Highlights From WAP-NIAK 2012

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Okay, so here's a montage made of photos and videos from the WAP-NIAK 2012 party which has been mentioned a bit before.

It actually was an Atari party, but the good ol' Speccy wasn't left behind!


Next Castle Party — СПб, 03 Ноября

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Третьего ноября в Санкт-Петербурге пройдет новое мероприятие — фестиваль Next Castle Party, основанный организаторами игровой и выставочной секций всем известного Chaos Constructions.

Лейтмотив программы NCP — игровая инди и ретротематика, но и демосцена не останется в стороне: помимо турниров, семинаров и выставки ретрокомпов будет представлено три конкурса на спектруме: 512 Byte Game, ZX Spectrum Graphics и ZX Spectrum Music. Работы будут показываться на большом экране с реального спектрума. Голосование по этим конкурсам будет проходить как на самом пати на листах для голосования, так и онлайн для всех желающих, в т.ч. не присутствующих на самом NCP.

Призеры получат дипломы и футболки с символикой пати.

Также на пати пройдет концерт восьмибитной музыки, организованный 8bit.fm, и есть вероятность что будет представлен новый блокбастер из Испании: игра на целый диск с каноничными заставками, боссами, финалкутами...
И, конечно, будет организована качественная онлайн-трансляция всего происходящего!

Правила конкурсов:

ZX Spectrum Next Castle 512 Byte Game

Игра размером 512 байт. Допускается как когдовый так и Basic файл.
Разрешено использование памяти до 128кб, а так же Beeper и AY.
В игре должна быть задействована хотя бы одна кнопка клавиатуры или джойстика.
Желательно предоставить RZX запись авторского прохождения игры (для демонстрации на большом экране).

ZX Spectrum Next Castle Graphics

Картинка должна иметь игровую направленность. Например, это может быть заставка к вымышленной игре, «скриншот» современной игры, если бы её сделали на Спектруме, или обыгрывание тематики следующего замка в рамках олдскульных игр.
Допускаются стандартные цветные и ч/б картинки, а также мультигигаскрин.
Не допускаются изображения порнографического содержания.
Желательно предоставить стадии прорисовки.
Желательно предоставить картинку в PNG формате 256х192 (для онлайн-голосования)

ZX Spectrum Next Castle Music

Музыка должна иметь игровую направленность. Например саундтрек к вымышленной игре (в этом случае желательно указать в комментариях для какого типы игры трек - стрелялка, квест и т.п.).
Каверы допускаются только на саундтреки из игр.
Допускается использование AY, Turbo Sound, Beeper.
Длительность трека не ограничена, однако на пати будет проиграно столько, сколько максимально позволяет график.

Работы принимаются по e-mail: vtcd@mail.ru