ASCII’2007 final results and works

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Alternative Spectrum Compo in Izhevsk 2007 official results v1.1
Party place - Izhewsk, Russia, 24-25 of November, 2007.

demo compo

1. oco6oe by milytia
2. sexy by milytia+simbols
3. reminescence by skrju

4. bl by triebkraft

4k intro compo

1. COMICS by debris

gfx compo logo

1. pROF.scr by pROF/4D
2. FLASHka by Merlin/ULG
3. Night by Merlin/ULG

4. ASCiI ASCii by icabod/ra
5. riskej.scr by riskej/simbols
6. riskej.img by riskej/simbols
7. sg.scr by sg/milytia

gfx compo standart

1. away from angie by riskej/simbols
2. Darkman by Megabyter
3. dewo4ka by riskej&lika

4. NoHappy by fantom/debris
5. KONAMI by trefi/debris
6. DRAKON/tiboh&fantom/debris
7. DarkWorks by Graph/Magnetic Monsters

music compo nocopy

1. Space Adventure by Voxel/Triumph
2. YZNiKi Sten (Wall Prisoners) by rnR T.A.D.
3. Perverts by ch41ns4w/dlcorp/triumph

4. Again Rubbish by JeRrS
5. No Return, No More by riskej/simbols
6. yer still standing on my shoulder by scalesmann/march[ing] cats
7. slide away from here by scalesmann/march[ing] cats
8. abzuko miamu by trefi/debris
9. Through The Time by riskej/simbols

music compo copy

1. buratino strikes back! by olly bfox
2. Scot Joplin "The entertainer" by trefi/debris
3. Teo & Tea by siril/4D

4. Sweet November by riskej/simbols
5. Jonathan Coulton (HL2 Portal) - Still Alive by bugsy/hackerz`design software
6. Rescate Atlantida themes by riskej/simbols

Final version of compo-works is here [scl-files].

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