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posted by Vinnny

Обновился сайт OpenSource ZX, где выкладываются исходные коды всевозможных спектрумовских программ. Новинки:

Milk'n'Nuts - Game sources.
Amusement Park 4000 - 4k game sources.
Turbomania 16k - 16k game sources.
Area 51 - Arcade game sources.
Big Baps - Mini game sources.
Scorpion^3umf intros - Some cracktro sources.
Flash inc. intros - Other cracktro sources.
CAIG word - Text editor.
Sound tracker to Digital studio converter - Music modules converter.
Prodigi Tracker - Digital music editor.
SEM^CAIG sources - Some gifts etc.
Fatality intros - Some intresting sources.
Diafilm - Intro with digital speach.
AIG unsorted sources - AIG unsorted sources.
Numb cars 2 - Unfinished arcade race.

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