MISTER BEEP – A crazy boy is jumping 2

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И снова с вами MISTER BEEP со своими биперными хитами!
На этот раз вашему вниманию предлагается "A crazy boy is jumping 2"!
Прослушать композицию и скачать вы можете здесь.

And once again MISTER BEEP with his 1-bit hits!!!
Another 1-bit chiptune - "A crazy boy is jumping 2", this time it's a second part of his previous song!

Hi. :) Z80 chip hits once again. ;) This is another 1-bit chiptune; this time it's a second part of my previous song. Soft used: Virtual Synthesiser for a short intro, ZX-7 Polyphonic Musical Instrument for the main composition. The last mentioned prog has 8 channels (made from one! :) ) but it has no drums. In this case I simulated drums with some noises made of many dissonanced tones (try to imagine hittng piano's keyboard with your fists - that's the idea :) ). Recorded from Timex Computer 2048. Regards to all.

Listen and download it here.

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