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Mister Beep made some new stuff - Cosmic Escape - on his Timex 2048 and fit it in a 48Kb RAM.
Mister Beep написал новый трек - Cosmic Escape - на своем Timex 2048 и уместил его в 48Kb памяти!

Download it here.
Скачать трек можно здесь.


This is a digital song, like from Amiga 500 :) but it's 1-bit only and it has only 3 channels (mixed in software way) in
style of spacesynth/synthdance music and old 80s bands like Koto or LaserDance.

The song has been made in Sample-Tracker 2.0 but its intro is actually a chiptune part made in GarageBEEP by Andrew Owen - a
program for real old-school fans of BEEPER sound - only one channel, only square wave.

The funny part is, the song has took a 4th place in this month Atari XL/XE music compo because the computer is now able to
play several ZX Spectrum's music engines, including the Sample-Tracker.

Enjoy the harsh extreme low-tek sound of ZX Spectrum 48k. :)

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