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Yerzmyey/AY-Riders объявляет о начале забавного графического конкурса для ZX Spectrum. Для вас предлагается графический редактор "CHUNKYPAINT", позволяющий нарисовать картинку 32*24 знакоместа и использовать 53 цвета.

Одна картинка от автора!
Работы принимаются до 15 августа 2009 года по адресу yerzmyey[at]interia[dot]pl.

There will be a small stupid gfx-compo for ZX Spectrum with a graphic mode: 32*24 resolution and 53 colours.
If You would be interested in making a small picture and send us, You should use this on-line editor: "CHUNKYPAINT" made kindly by Gasman/H-PRG.
Probably You should use Mozilla Firefox rather than Internet Explorer, to draw Your picture, because we noticed the editor doesn't like IE somehow. It hasn't been tested on other browsers but should work OK.
It's rather kind of joke compo because low-res is radical but on the other hand - You have many colours to use, so low resolution shound't be SUCH a problem. ;)

Among work sessions You can use "SAVE" and "LOAD" buttons and copy/paste the digits' lines (raw data for the editor). But when You finish Your picture then You must use "Export to TAP" and "Export to BMP" (change extentions into TAP and BMP!!) and send Your picture in these TWO formats to me ( yerzmyey AT interia.pl ).
And let me repeat: if the picture could enter the compo it *MUST* be sent to me in *TWO* versions exported from the Chunkypaint - TAP and BMP.

One pic for one author.
The deadline would be in 15 August 2009.
Any questions? Write to me: yerzmyey AT interia.pl

Best wishes,

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