Synchronized Machines by MISTER BEEP

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MISTER BEEP в очередной раз доказал, что он currently the best BEEPer maker на спектруме. Его новая работа Synchronized Machines просто заставляет окунуться в конец 80-х, начало 90-х годов. Ненавязчивая приятная композиция, ко всему прочему еще и выполненная в формате стерео-бипера (играет 2 бипера).

Комментарий от композитора:
Hi there. A cross-platform 1-bit "Beepola" tracker appeared, emulating ZX Spectrum's BEEPER on Windows. I wanted to make something more serious with the new utility, so I made this song - two BEEPERs playing stereo, simultanously. 6 channels (4 tones, 2 drums-channels). Both "halfs" of the song have been recorded from Timex Computer 2048, synchronized to one initial tone (that was deleted after a proper sync set up). In opposite to ZX-7 engine, this one plays bass louder and higher tones - more silent. In addition to that - the second channel plays sounds a little bit louder then the first one. Because of that and because of taking 2 different recordings and combining composition in a special way, I was able to achieve something like almost a real volume control. Enjoy the song. :)

Thank you MISTER BEEP! We love you!

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