Galactic coursing by Mister Beep

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Новое 1-bit творение Galactic coursing от признанного мастера этого жанра Mister Beep. Три минуты и девятнадцать секунд потрясающей композиции на новом движке QChan - 4 тоновых канала и 1 для ударных. Разнообразные по накалу и красоте темы только для вас.

Mister Beep:
As usual from me - another 1-bit chiptune. This time it's a test of the newest 1-bit engine programmed by Shiru - QChan. As you maybe know, normally 1-bit sound from ZX Spectrum has only 1 channel (close to square wave) and no volume control at all. But thanks to programmer's skills, we've got here 4 tone channels + 1 channel of drums! :) Also, which is important, we have evnvelopes of instruments and numerous steps of volume! :) This song is kind of melodical and dynamic stuff for a game, however in the middle it contains also kind of a calm ballade. Enjoy. :)

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