Triton and mermaid by Mister Beep

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From Mister Beep:
Another 1-bit chiptune from ZX SPECTRUM 48K and its beeper.
This is my very first song made on Shiru's TRITONE engine. The engine's name is a joke because it provides _three tone_ channels plus one track for drums (which gives 4 audible channels from a single beeper). Also it gives various modulations and volumes.
Recorded from real hardware. Enjoy.
PS: Yes, sound might seem a bit "fluent" sometimes but remember - that's a software-synthesizer on a 3,5 Mhz CPU!!!!

Еще один 1-bit чиптюн для ZX SPECTRUM 48K от Mister Beep. Написан на движке TRITONE, который позволяет проигрывать сразу 4 канала на нашем стареньком бипере.

Итак, вашему вниманию предлагается Triton and mermaid. Слушайте и оценивайте.

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  1. Mister Beep doesn’t release sources often, however, his music is often gets into new ZX Spectrum games. You can ask him, though. Tritone and discussion is here.

  2. really levelup for beeper. never heard on’em such a quality.

    btw, where is source file ? i want to play in on real zx and proof to myself it is true.
    and where is TRITONE themself ?

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