“Critical Error” music’s recordings in MP3

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Another great music gift for all AY fans!

From Yerzmyey:
Hi there.
Some people asked several times for the "Critical Error" music's recordings in MP3 format.
Additionally, I promised it on the occasion of publishing "Winter Funk" song, so today I put the entire and full version of "Critical Error" ZX demo original score, that includes the "Winter Funk" song too. Here it is.
It also contains a supplementary lost 'intro' part that isn't present in the demo, as I lost the sources and now I have it only in a recording form.
It's quite a long song, different in every demo's part, having various styles and moods of chiptune music.
This is a synthetic-music part of the score, there is however also a digital part (outro) available on the Internet under a name "Kaminari".
The demo itself can be downloaded from: http://pouet.net/prod.php?which=56765.

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