Missed Track from Yerzmyey

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Hi. Because Chaos Constructions organizers has lost my AY work for their compo (which is by the way _highly_ unprofessional conduct from their side), I drop here a small info:
You can listen to the song in the intro of "9 channels" demo.
It's kinda fun because there's SidSound without CPU's activity. :) Pure SoundTracker 1.1. :) Enjoy. :)

PS: Details for people who would like to send their works to next year CC.
I uploaded my work for CC 2011 into their server and also I sent it in 27.06.2011 into entry@cc.org.ru address and to info@cc.org.ru just in case.
I have got an information that it was received and ACCEPTED in 29.06.2011 from alexander.kalmykov@gmail.com (Aleksandr Kalmykov)
Now I read results from CC 2011 party and I see there is NO my work at all.
Make conclusion by Yourself.

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