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Hi there.

There is a show "EL-Stacja". They play only electronic music but I found they decided to play also my ZX Spectrum songs (for AY and for GS devices). The show is in Polish but still might be interesting for somebody.
Date was 10.11.2011, but here is the archive. On the beginning, on the end and a small part in the middle - there are also other chiptunes + some regular electronic music, btw.

An additional info: there's another part of "8 Bit Operators" album, this time dedicated to The Beatles band. There is also a ZX Spectrum accent - I made for them a cover of "Help!" song. :)

Enjoy. ;)

PS: Ah btw, just some curiosity from last SillyVenture Atari party - the second and the third place in the digi music compo.

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  1. Vinnny а вот и не надо!
    не надо тут агитации про “русскоязычные новости” )))))
    у нас интернационал типа)))

  2. Hello! :)

    Thanks for information about this live-broadcast, BUT if I was knew that you will have to listen it can be done in Russian and English naturally, so we must repeat live-broadcast with this music speccialy for you buddies :) Thanks for listen :) In next time please write me some sentences on my mail marek.kwiatkowski.mogilno(at)gmail.com

  3. Супер музыка! Спасибо!

  4. Ну, короче, товарищ Буковский принимал участие на шоу электронной музыки, куда с радостью приняли и его треки. Всем желающим поглазеть на данное мероприятие он оставил видео по ссылке :)

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