Burn The Lighter #1, finally available in English

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Oh yup. Right on my birthday. Thanks to sq. :)

So, there is a couple of versions you may download and read straight away: a clear and pure TAP file, with the help of which you can port the diskmag to your favourite disk system; and a TZX file, made for the cases when you try to load the TAP, but something goes terribly wrong and the mag doesn't run.

Burn The Lighter 1 ENG SplashBurn The Lighter 1 ENG Page 1Burn The Lighter 1 ENG Page 2

Hotkeys you definitely WILL need:

  • Hold Caps Shift during the loading process if you're willing to use your beloved Kempston pest.
  • The "1" key will make the whole text colored in a whole one shade, in case if you can't stand the flicker. Same for the "4" key, except it still keeps most of the text colored in different ways.
  • In the same fashion, "2" changes the background color. :)

Well, that's all you need to know. Look for the links above and enjoy your stay at our cafe. More coming soon.

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