TR-DOS Gameplay Videos Megathread

posted by nix./site

While I can't spam my YouTube channel anymore because of the sound issues, I'm gonna bring this to your attention. Maybe this will cheer me up on finishing Lighter 2. :)

The WoS Forums thread you're gonna witness below is dedicated to the same thing Burn The Lighter is partly dedicated to: showcasing Speccy games that were popular in Russia, and barely ever heard of outside it, thanks to the language barrier, different storage format and all. Come click on any of these videos, you're gonna be amused for a while on what Speccy can really do (or just fun games, whatever).

Naturally, I've been doing these gameplays long before my debut release on Spectrum, only for the purpose of popularizing the so-called "obscure games". Ironically, I was as obscure as what I've been showing all the time. :)

In fact, one of the games, Imperia 3 has a walkthough in Burn The Lighter #1.


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