FOReVER XIII – a nightmare in horna suca

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Forever XIIIOfficial info:
FOReVER XIII - will happen 16.o3.2o12 - 18.o3.2o12 in horna suca (trencin/slovakia/europe). You can take your place in the competitions, quizes, talks or just enjoy the atmosphere. Everybody are welcome. The scenes are still the same (atari, commodore, zx spectrum, amstrad cpc, sam coupe) and the new ones are welcome (pmd? msx?). We fight on the bigscreen, but we are all very friendly in real. The things are set-up nearly all, we are sorting out the last things and the party place. This is not a game to be underground and let none know where the party will happen, it is the way how to avoid problems from last year. Be sure that party will happen in increasing standards!

Date: 16-18.o3. 2o12
Scenes: all 8bit: [atari] - [commodore] - [zx spectrum] - [amstrad cpc] - [sam coupe]
Location: EARTH/EUROPE/SLOVAKIA/TRENCIN/HORNA SUCA - Kulturny dom (Culture house).

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  1. иииха! forEverXIII стартовал!!!

  2. детишки, все выполнили домашнее задание?
    торопитесь! ведь осталось всего пять дней!!!

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