ZX81 Turbosound Song Released

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With a huge delay (sorry!) i post really interesting music news from Yerzmyey:

And yessss - I finished it today.

So, this is another song entirely made on ZX81 and ZX81 only - a UK monochrome computer from 1981.

MP3 recorded from real hardware.

This is a song for TurboSound (2 x AY).
As I was making it entirely on ZX81, I wasn't able to constantly check out how both halfs of the song work together, so actually the second AY gives only some "deeper" sound this time, nothing more.

After all, I think it's a really decent sound, pretty powerful with 2 YMs/AYs.

PS: Thx a lot for all the soft/hardware to: Sasha2000, SirMorris, Andy Rea and Moggy (for software-ports for more stupid users like me).

Greetzzz, Yerzmyey/AY-RIDERS.

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