Spectrum30 – Show in Cambridge on 08th-09th September

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There is an huge event to celebrate the Spectrums 30th birthday. The show takes place in Cambridge, near the Sinclair building, the place where all began. Tickets are still available for the event on www.spectrum30.org.uk.

Further there is a game and a demo competition running. Everybody can take part in these competitions, if they come to the show or not. The visitors at the show will vote the best game and the best demo of the Spectrum30 competition. The voting will be on Sunday the 09th September. The winners can win several prizes, T-Shirts and hardware.

Only rule is that the game or demo should run on a normal Spectrum 128.

Entries can be sent to zx@spectrum30.org.uk. TAP-File is recommended. When sending an entry please add also your postal adress to send you the prizes if you win.

Latest date for entries is the 2nd September 2012.

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  1. Er, the link you gave actually brings to 404 because it has the speccy-live site written before the actual Spectrum30 page address! :P

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