New fixed SNAPLOAD command for Esxdos 0.8.0

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Velesoft fixed some bugs in SNAPLOAD command for Esxdos 0.8.0.

Original code is used from FATWARE system and some SNA and Z80 files load or run incorrect. New snapload command is now add to zip archive with Esxdos system files.

List of Velesoft fixes (19.4.2012 - 13.8.2012) in SNAPLOAD (in compare with FATWARE or Esxdos 0.7.3):

  • LOCK to 48kB mode is enable for all 48kB Z80/SNA and 128kB SNA files. (128kB Z80 snapshots run only in 128kB mode)
  • correct register R value for all snapshots
  • Z80 snapshot - ram pages is loaded to correspond adress (ram 5 load to adress 16384 and ram 2 to adress 32768 )
  • fixed rom paging for +2A/+3 models
  • fixed EI/DI detection in SNA format ( now detect only bit D2 with IFF2 state - 0=DI / 1=EI )
  • add new detection if data in Z80v1 are compressed or uncompressed (original code use always compressed data/ignore bit D5 of +12th byte ader).
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