ZX-Paintbrush version 2.2.9 Released

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Claus Jahn released ZX-Paintbrush version 2.2.9 with interesting new features and lots of bug-fixes.

Importing a Timex Screen$ with the new "Import file" function created an error message and a hanging program, because I forgot to adjust the attribute size (6144 instead of 768 bytes) for that format.
The selection tools toolbox was not actualized when using the undo/redo functions.
The selection toolbox allowed selections with 0 pixels height or 0 pixels width. This makes no sense. I also now ensured that no selection (in opposite to overlays) can get off the screen.
On the zoom level was changed twice on every mouse wheel step. This was caused by a bad handling of the mouse wheel event.
When importing graphics to an overlay, illegal overlay border appear when previously the user has had a coloured overlay with border (means: position/size not between the 8x8 attribute limits).
Making a selection inside the picture converter dialog, displayed a wrong part of the picture.

"Import file..." dialog: The visible blocks now appear within another register tab of that dialog.
Support for BIFROST*CTILE blocks (Timex based pictures with 16x16 pixels and 32 bytes colour attributes). Kindly powered by Einar Saukas and Dave Hughes with kindful suggestions of Andrew Owen.
Also added this new CTILE file format into the new file dialog.
Added the function "Add Timex SCREEN$" in the file list.
The tool icon "Adjust position to attribute limits" now allows also to adjust overlays that have a non-attribute-compatible x/y-position.
The file list now also has a new tabulator "all visible blocks" within which you can see a small preview of all visual blocks inside your file.

New tools and functions:
New tools "16x16 pixels selector" and "screen selector". Last one is thought for screen maps.
New raster icons "16x16 pixels" and "256x192 pixels". The least one is thought for pictures with bigger sizes for creation of screen maps.
The current selection/overlay can be changed with cursor keys , , and . Shifted keys allow the change of the selection width or height.
The last drawn figure (circle, ellipse, etc.) can be moved around with cursor keys even if the point mode is not active.
New function "Import last imported file", which helps importing multiple blocks from one file. Shortcut is . Use
to make a first import of a file, then use for importing following blocks/tiles/screen$ or whatever.
Suggestion by kgmcneil: Using the mouse wheel in combination with the shift key or without any key should move the picture position to left/right or up/down respectively.
Added a new icon "clear points and selection", which can be also activated by pressing . Suggested by Hikaru.
Added the option "use PLOT coordinate range" in the options window, section "info bars". On Y axis like PLOT, this option subtracts 16 to get a range from -15 .. 175 on SCREEN$.

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