WoSBridge for Spectranet – Early Preview

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Tuna has just published a quick heads up about the WoSBridge for Spectranet.

What is it?

Well, it allows you to use the Spectranet to directly search and download from the WoS archives.

How does it work?

You %mount the WoSBridge like any Spectranet drive. Rather than presenting endless directories for you to navigate through, the root directory starts off relatively empty. To search for a game, simply %cd "Your search term". The WoSBridge creates a new directory for that search. If there's only one result, the directory will contain the downloadable files for the matching title. If there are many results, the directory will contain a subdirectory for each title.

Searches only last for the duration of your session. In the root directory there are two directories that show the most recent and most popular titles that have been downloaded by all users.

What files are supported?

The WoSBridge currently allows you to download .scr and .tap files. Zipped files on WoS are unzipped for you. For a .scr file you just type:

%aload "filename.scr" CODE 16384

For a .tap file,you can load it with:

%tapein "filename.tap"

Any other features?

The file system is case insensitive, and supports wildcards '*' in file and directory names, so you can type:

%tapein "*tap"

To load the first .tap file in a directory.

When is it ready?

Soon! I'm alpha testing the server at the moment and sorting out the recent/popular search directories.

You can see the server in operation here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzNSc52n0Is.

Comments and ideas are welcome.

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