Brand New ZX81 1K HiRes Games

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Dr Beep reported that this year he already released 3 games. They are available at sinclairzxworld.com with videos on YouTube.

The first 10 games are available since the end of August and after then another 6 games are coded.

The complete list of Dr Beep games so far:

1) Wiwo Dido, the case of Mazeddy's castle
2) Blocky
3) 3D Maze, return to Mazeddy's castle
4) Ghost hunt
5) 3D Random maze
6) Othello
7) 10 Pin Bowling
8) Spy vs Spy
9) Memory
10) Police patrol
11) Pong
12) Saloon city
13) Meteor Storm
14) Car race
15) Outlaw
16) Sokob-One

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