Shadebobs Show by Sir David [SAM Coupé]

posted by TecSoft

ShadSAMStrictly speaking, the demo was released in 2008, but officially published at Pouet.net just a month ago.

Enjoy another nice SAM release.

Code: Sir David.
Music: Ziutek/E.S.I.

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    there’s a tiny arrow that appears only when the mouse is on the filename – that can be used to navigate back to the folder

  2. Well, looks more like intro, with a single effect…

  3. @eye/k3l: Geez, I still wonder how you understand everything he spits out! :)

  4. No need of youtube. Download SimCoupe (it works perfectly under Win as well as under Linux) via the link “SAM COUPÉ” at the top of this site.

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