3BM OpenAir 2013 Is Coming!

posted by diver4d

This year again! 3BM OpenAir 2013 - a tbk4d party, will held at Perm/Russia July 12-14.

There will be the next compos:
- ZX Spectrum combined demo/intro (4 entries estimated)
- ZX Spectrum graphics (5-7 entries estimated)
- ZX Spectrum music (2 entries estimated)
- ZX Spectrum 2-hours realtime themed graphics (5-7 entries estimated)

Send your works until saturday's evening (until 6 p.m. CET / 16.00 GMT) to diver4d (at) gmail.com.
Don't forget to change SCR file extensions to any other, or google will bounce it back.

The participants will be able to vote via e-mail after the compos.

Results will be announced and party entries will be relased later, at sunday.

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DiHalt 2013 Official Results and Releases

posted by TecSoft

Complete results are available at the official site.

Releases: full pack, scene.org, pouet.net, zx art.


DiHalt 2013 Short ZX Spectrum Results

posted by TecSoft

Demo compo
1 - Outerloop by thesuper
2 - Betraying by goblinish
3 - Happy Birthday Sveta by Placebo

1024 bytes intro
1 - Alone Coder
2 - MGDMA by introspec
3 - Shaos

Border intro
1 - VNN
2 - goblinish
3 - goblinish

Gfx compo
1 - Samanasuke
2 - Shuran33
3 - Tutty

AY Music compo
1 - MMCM
2 - MMCM
3 - Hacker VBI

Beeper Music compo
1 - Kakos_nonos
2 - Rene Sens
3 - Kakos_nonos


DiHalt 2013 Live

posted by TecSoft

Just follow the link to watch the party and chat in IRC.

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EsxDOS v0.8.5 Released (Finally With TR-DOS Emulator!)

posted by TecSoft

ESXDOS aims to be the ultimate firmware for the DivIDE/DivMMC interface.

Here's a list of current features.

Get the latest version (0.8.5) here!


The Spectrum Show #18

posted by TecSoft

Welcome to Episode 18 of The Spectrum Show - the show dedicated to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. In this episode we go back to August 1984 for the latest Sinclair news and top selling Spectrum games.

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DiHalt 2013 demoparty

posted by Vinnny

Уже в эти выходные Нижний Новгород ждёт всех демосценеров, и им сочувствующих, на демопати DiHalt 2013. Следите за новостями на официальном сайте, смотрите в онлайн-трансляцию, обсуждайте в irc и форуме. Аццкий треш и угар! Барнаул!!!
DiHalt 2013

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