ZX Spectrum Evolution Graphic Compo 2014

posted by Yerzmyey

While this year edition of International Vodka Party we would like to organize a graphic compo especially for ZX Spectrum Evolution (320x200 in 16 colours out of 64-colours palette, each pixel can have its own colour).

You don't have to be an owner of the machine (nor the compatible - ATM Spectrum model), the format is simple: ***BMP*** file, 320x200 resolution, 16 colours on the screen (out of the 64-colours palette of ZX Spectrum Evolution).
You can recognize easily that the final file format is OK: the BMP file will be exactly 32118 bytes long.

This gfx-mode is available for Spectrum world since 1991, but it wasn't used very often. Which now changes 'cause Eva is the only reasonable choice if one wanna get a new ZX model.

2 pictures per author allowed.
Unlike the converts – converted pictures are NOT allowed at all.

We provide You a "zx_eva_palette.pal" file that You can load into Your favourite PC (and Mac possibly) gfx-editor and draw the compo picture(s).
Example of loading the palette file into PaintShop:
COLORS / LOAD PALETTE and... yes, "OPEN" file. ;) Still, You can use only 16 colours out of those 64 ones.
Check out the example BMP files, too.
DOWNLOAD the palette FILE and example-pictures!

Send Your works to yerzmyey AT poczta.onet.pl
Sending 2 versions - signed and unsigned - might be a reasonable choice.

********Deadline - 16 August 2014********

Note: if You didn't get any confirmation from me, that means I DIDN'T GET YOUR FILE!!!
Note 2: We consider also making an on-line voting for everybody, after the party.
Note 3: You can send as well the TRD/SCL 256x192 RGB format pictures (called also "8color" or 3"color" sometimes) but remember You can use there only 8 colours of standard ZX Spectrum palette, and such pictures will compete with Eva's pictures, so it might not be a "fair fight" (although the RGB gfx-mode is stable on ZX Evolution - it doesn't blink).

DOWNLOAD the palette FILE and example-pictures!

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  1. This is pointless. There are apps that simply convert any image into this format. No skill required.

    How about a genuine competition on unmodified spectrums with no PC tools?

  2. sMaksagor you are soviet lamer=)

  3. 256 colours is not interesting – it`s for lamers…

  4. Guys, to make things clear, this (photo) and this (photo) is also all ZX-Evolution.
    This is 256 colors per dot, each color its own from palette 15625 colors if you use CRT or LCD TV or 64 colors if you use LCD VGA. The resolution is 360×288 pixels maximum.
    Those who like Sowietische “ATM” EGA parody – do not disturb yourselves! :)

  5. Sounds nice. Please don’t lose original BMPs or whatever else native format.

  6. Haters gonna hate…

  7. Вангую, что рупор рванет на компо вместе с лвдятлом чтобы выиграть=)

  8. As much as I like the idea for the compo, I don’t think this is gonna be a Spectrum compo at all. I mean, the format is totally more like DOS’s EGA mode.

  9. Oh, nice car!

    ps: and the compo is nice for sure :)

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