ZEsarUX v0.6

posted by TecSoft

ZEsarUX is a ZX Machines Emulator for Unix, that emulates 16k, 48k, Inves Spectrum +, Spectrum 128k (English and Spanish), Spectrum +2 (English, Spanish and French), Spectrum +2A (English and Spanish), Microdigital TK90X (Portuguese and Spanish), TK95, ZX80, ZX81.

Version 0.6. April, 22th 2014:
Added ZX Spectrum smp tape loading (raw audio)
Added Image stabilization for hi-res modes on ZX80/81
Added real video display for curses and stdout for ZX80/81
Added Pulse Audio driver
Added experimental support for MEMPTR register - not enabled by default on configure
Changed border size for curses
Improved HRG Support: no more need to enable HRG option. To use HRG you must load HRG-driver.p and then LOAD "" the hrg program selected
Improved ZX81 tape routine: now you can load a ZX81 tape with LOAD "NAME" (it will load "NAME.P" file). It is used in multipart games
Improved ZX81 hi-res modes (WRX and others) - better handling of image width
Speeded up a bit some Z80 opcodes
Fixed bug with alsa driver and non-pthreads version
Fixed bug with CHR$128 and characters from 64th.

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