ZEsarUX v1.0 Released

posted by TecSoft

ZEsarUX is a ZX Machines Emulator for Unix, that emulates 16k, 48k, Inves Spectrum +, Spectrum 128k (English and Spanish), Spectrum +2 (English, Spanish and French), Spectrum +2A (English and Spanish), Microdigital TK90X (Portuguese and Spanish), TK95, ZX80, ZX81.

Version 1.0. May, 26th 2014 - Rainbow edition

Contended memory and real timing for Spectrum, ZX80, ZX81
Improved real video display (rainbow) for Spectrum and ZX80/81 (non standard & hi-res modes)
Speeded up Z80 core using 16 bit operations for HL, DE, BC
Added interlace mode
Added hotswap machine option
Added emulation of some other oddities of the Inves Spectrum +: no contended memory, snow in border, colour ula delay, interrupt starts at video display (not at the top of the border)
Added RAM pack emulation of 32 KB and 48 KB to ZX80/81
Added idle bus port emulation
Added option to load and save binary data
Added option to view CPU & ULA registers
Added option to save video file
Improved User Interface: added confirmation to saving operations on menu, showing error messages on menu
Fixed some bugs with AY Chip (high envelope frequency, tone&noise behavior)

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