The Story of the ZX Spectrum in Pixels – Kickstarter campaign by Chris Wilkins

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Edge begin a new series profiling key hardware from videogame history.

The Story of the ZX Spectrum in Pixels campaign: 37 hours to go.

There are some fantastic perks available too, including:
— A2 and A3 Crash magazine cover prints by Oliver Frey
— Signed copies of Crash by Roger Kean and Oliver Frey
— Signed gaming postcards by those who worked on the game e.g. Wizball signed by Mark Jones and Dizzy signed by Philip & Andrew Oliver

Check out the Kickstarter funding page.

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  1. лувэдэ, не хочешь – не плати

  2. I don’t need hard copy. Sending of PDF costs near to nothing.

  3. Didn’t see any problem here. Pay 25£ and get a hard copy.

  4. Those people seem too greedy as for me. They want 10+£ just to send PDF version!
    Not a penny for them from me.

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