Sochiparty 2016 results

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ZX сборник с работами
PC сборник
Галерея на ZX-Art

[ zx spectrum space gfx ]
1. 8.44 Валентина Владимировна Терешкова несет мир и порядок народам галактики by prof4d
2. 7.72 D63 by Vassa
3. 7.17 Galaxy on Fire (zx mockup) by Keith T.
4. 6.36 Mech Z80. Mission: "Moon" by Buddy^ERA Creative Group
5. 5.64 Космическая груша by Tzerra
6. 5.44 Амбар 18 by g0blinish
7. 5.25 Возвращение Бурана by Misha Pertsovsky

[ zx spectrum space music ]
1. 8.00 Dancing Robots Planet by Quiet
2. 7.61 chrome farming by nq/skrju
3. 7.28 drumatic [in space] by scalesmann/march[ing]cats
4. 6.77 Space New Year is Over... by gd638sh
5. 6.03 my dream in space by trefi
6. 3.71 Ufo Space Dancing by Misha Pertsovsky

[ realtime associating zx gfx ]
1. 7.92 my old ruined bones by moroz1999
2. 7.36 Blind Memories by atrubidflow
3. 6.08 Дверь в лето by Misha Pertsovsky

[ realtime associating zx music ]
1. 8.57 Smoke In My Head by Quiet
2. 5.68 Traplin' by kubikámi
3. 4.40 why aaa? by Misha Pertsovsky

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