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Cesar Nicolas Gonzalez выложил CHIPNSFX - новый трекер под Windows, который ориентирован на создание музыки для Z80-платформ с AY-звуковым чипом (Amstrad CPC, Sinclair Spectrum 128, MSX1). В комплекте также есть плеер.

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ZX-Chip #31

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Nodeus выпустил свежий номер своего подкаста ZX-Chip. Тема - демопати Multimatograf 2017.
Слушаем в сервисах: podster | telegram | vk

01. Disco Astronauts by Jerrs 0:00
02. Everyday Sunvox by nq 0:30
03. Summer steps by ejkot 3:38
04. Time wake up by MmcM 6:45
05. Deadline Funk by nq 9:41
06. Who needs a fork without the spoon anyway by Scalesmann 12:09
07. mf music by MmcM 13:30
08. Ok, i am ready now by nq 15:38
09. Ethereal by nq 17:00
10. We are number one (Lazy Town OST) 19:26
11. MultiLove 21:52

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ZX-Chip #29

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Nodeus реанимировал уже казалось бы остывший подкаст ZX-Chip. Встречаем на сервисах: podster | telegram | vk

01. Steps 2 heaven by Scalesmann 2:20
02. Perfect menthol [for eric] by Scalesmann 4:44
03. She`s the shooter by Scalesmann 7:15
04. Watch my emotions by Scalesmann 9:32
05. Insert Disco in drive A by ejkot 12:20
06. Mf16rtms by bfox 15:09
07. TAILWIND by Factor6 16:48
08. dh16inv by MmcM 19:46
09. Neuromechanics by Cj Splinter 21:08
10. Dancing robots planet by Quiet 25:22
11. Louboutin by n1k-o 28:36

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AY-Emul v2.9 beta17

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Сергей Бульба выложил новую версию проигрывателя speccy-музыки AY-Emul для Windows и Linux. Исправлены ошибки.

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AY-Emul v2.9 beta13

posted by Vinnny

Сергей Бульба продолжает совершенствовать свой эмулятор speccy-музыки AY-Emul. Изменения незначительны, и в основном касаются Linux-версии.


ACNews #60

posted by Alone Coder

New issue, this time in both Russian and English.



VI Microcompo AY vol.2

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AAMSX и Cultura Chip объявили новый конкурс AY-музыки VI Microcompo AY vol.2. В конкурсе принимает участие музыка, написанная для одиночного AY-чипа на 8-битных платформах Spectrum, Amstrad, Apple II, MSX. Музыка может быть в любом формате (но настоятельно рекомендуется .pt3), ранее не опубликованная, не кавер, любое количество композиций от автора. Дедлайн 21 ноября, голосование до 28 ноября, результаты 5 декабря. С работами из предыдущего конкурса можно ознакомиться здесь.

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MmcM — The Blossoming Years by Hype Allstars

posted by TecSoft

"The Blossoming Years" is a new album by MmcM, who is one of the most prominent musicians to come out of the Russian ZX Spectrum demoscene.

A compilation of 18 tracks from 1999-2001 shows the musician at the peak of his creative powers and easily explains the cult following that he enjoys in the homeland.

Download from the Pouet.net.

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YERZMYEY — Courtesy (a ZX+AY cover of Super Hexagon Chipzel’s Song)

posted by TecSoft

ZX Spectrum 48K with AY-interface. 3 channels Speccy chip tune. A cover of "Courtesy" (Super Hexagon) song by Chipzel.

Also, probably not entirely finished as we would run out of RAM on the target-machine (Vectrex).

Go and get the Chipzel's full album: http://chipzel.co.uk/album/super-hexagon-ep.


Selected AY​/​YM Original Works by Megus

posted by TecSoft

Selected and the best music Megus composed for AY-3-8910(12)/YM-2149F sound chip used in ZX Spectrum. These tracks were composed between 1997 and 2002.

Buy now $1 USD or listen on Bandcamp for free.

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Next Castle Party 2013 unofficial results

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Microsongs by Yerzmyey

posted by Vinnny

Yerzmyey/AY-Riders продолжает писать музыку в редакторе ZX SoundTracker 1.1 на своём компьютере ZX Spectrum 16K. И как результат - очередной альбом Microsongs. Слушаем и благодарим автора.

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ZX-Chip #25

posted by TecSoft

01. some words about chilling rain
02. into my head
03. we won't go to the end
04. lonesome george's last stand
05. no tears, no fears, no hopes
06. summer walk
07. as the flower turned to stone
08. waterfall
09. morning glory (feat n.gallagher)
10. [as soon] as it began (lp edition)
11. rainbow after rain
12. forever drunk stupid idiot

Or listen the podcast at the official site.

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“Brutal And Aggressive” Music Album by Yerzmyey

posted by TecSoft

01. Dark Galactica
02. IM35
03. Get Mad (Full Version)
04. Haunted Mansion
05. STandard Crap
06. Alone

Listen and download the album at http://www.8bitpeoples.com.

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2 Hours 45 Minutes of ZX Spectrum 128K Game Music

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Brand New Music Album: Astral Combat

posted by TecSoft

Finally in a ZX Spectrum version - "ASTRAL COMBAT". It's a 3-parts music-collection made in 2013. Contains 8 digital songs.

Code by SHIRU.

Well, some example of AY chip possibilities. Works on ZX Spectrum 48K with AY-interface. It can work with beeper but the songs have NOT been designed for beeper, so it will sound like you-know-what. Also You can use Covox, if You have one, attached to Your Speccy.

A - AY
B - beeper
M - music start
SPACE - next parts.

If You load from cassette, please remember - in the main part choose songs in order, from 1 to 6, to avoid searching on the tape.

You can find this music in MP3 files, recorded from real hardware, on this WWW site: http://yerzmyey.i-demo.pl.

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