Nightfall: Memotech External Keyboard for Sinclair ZX-81

posted by TecSoft

The biggest drawback to the Sinclair ZX-81 or Timex Sinclair 1000 computer is its tiny membrane keyboard. The Memotech keyboard is the solution to this. With its full stroke keys and standard size, it makes entering data and interacting with programs, so much easier. The bus connector had a Memopak I/F keyboard buffer on it so you could type at a natural pace and the Sinclair could keep up with you.


Nightfall: Lo>>Profile Professional Keyboard for Sinclair ZX Spectrum

posted by TecSoft

The LO>>PROFILE professional keyboard is the ultimate upgrade for your Spectrum. By replacing its existing keyboard with a high quality LO>>PROFILE, you give this world-beating computer the keyboard it deserves.