The Story of the ZX Spectrum in Pixels by Chris Wilkins – Review

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Imagine Christmas 1983 if you will. An excited young boy has been asking (probably annoying) his parents for the latest Sinclair computer for nigh on a year. Fed up of his ZX81’s wobbly 16K RAM pack, often the undoer of many a programming session, he longs for more. A machine with sound …and colour. Doesn’t sound like much to ask for nowadays, but back in ’83 it was the next big thing to a kid on a council estate...

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Picture of the Day: «Cybernoid» by PheeL

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Picture of the Month: Happy Birthday Nik-O #20 by prof4d

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Burial Graphics Editor 3.06b

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Native gfx editor for ZX Spectrum was finally updated, following the suggestions made by the community (see Info Guide #6).

New features include:

* mouse is on by default

+ transparent colours by default

* default brush mode is OR, not AND

+ chunky brushes make perfect textures now!

+ crosshair cursor in Magnify

+ both mouse buttons draw in Magnify (RMB is AND)

+ ‘I’ button in Magnify to invert the character

+ when you are asked to overwrite a file, the filename is shown

Download BGE 3.06b

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ZX-Paintbrush 2.5 Published

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1. Bugfix: The new tool clone last drawn figure had no link to the context help.

2. Here some suggestions from kgmcneil:
2.1. With a new toggle function toggle overlay display you can hide an existing overly (it's still present but it's not displayed). This toggle function can be executed by pressing the 'O' key.
2.2 Implemented another raster edit to let the user adjust the X- and Y-raster independently.
2.3 Implemented a user-defined grid that can be used in addition to the pixels- and character grid.
2.4 Implemented a way for drawing with images. To perform this, a double-click on an existing overlay now draws it on the screen.

3. Implemented a 'remove capture' icon that removes an active capture object which was not easy

4. Bugfix: The utility "convert colour overlay to pixels only overlay" changed the position of the resulting overlay to top-left corner of the screen. Now it calculates the last position without attribute sizes and stays on its position.

5. Merging a colour overlay now does it the same way: The selection rectangle is not longer expanded to the full attribute area.

6. The holding of x or y cursor position is now performed with the and key rather than and . Because the older keys interfered with the capture drag function.

7. Einar Saukas suggested another algorithm for the "import picture" tool. Now, on a 2-color attribute field (8x8 or one of the others), the darker colour becomes INK and the brighter becomes PAPER.

Download ZX-Paintbrush 2.5.

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Picture of the Month: Yoyo Bear by Piesiu

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IVP 2014— slideshow [YouTube]

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Picture of the Month: Dan Dare by Nick Bruty

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Picture of the Month: “Phantis” by MAC

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Phantis by MAC


Image To ZX Spec 1.4.0 Released

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Version 1.4.0
— Huge improvements to GigaScreen (102 colour) image quality.
— Added GigaScreen Attribute options.
— SCR Gigascreen export image order by Hue/Saturation/Brightness.
— Usability improvements and toolbar added to UI.
— Image quality improvements for prefer detail setting.
— Accuracy and speed improvements for image pre-processing.
— Bug fixes.


Picture of the Day: Bugsy

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Multimatograf X – Official Releases

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Picture of the Month

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Well, we're proud to present the new Speccy Live feature: Picture of the month.

Vote for the best pictures on ZX Art and watch them on Speccy Live.


Forever 2014 Graphics & Music Online

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If you still doesn't know, you can watch & rate not only graphics, but also music from Forever 2014 at the ZX Art.

– Graphics page.
– Music page.


Robocop 3 by pROF/4d

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QuiZX – Spectrum [iPhone]

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Challenge your knowledge on classic ZX Spectrum computer games. Includes 200 questions with game screenshots.

Also includes classic cassette tape loading bars for that retro feel!

Buy it now (£0.69).

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