DiHalt Lite 2016 (9-10th January) is on its way!

posted by ЭЛВЭДЭ

For the third time DiHalt Lite will be carried somewhere in the suburbs near Nizhny Novgorod in Russia. The visitors will enjoy warm atmosphere inside while it's snowing outdoors, everybody will be supplied with food, barbeque and sauna (and rumors say that there will be even swimming pool!).

Moreover, the extensive demoscene program is also there: there will be traditional PC/Amiga and LowEnd/8bit compos, including demo compo, 1k intro compo and various gfx and music ones. There is also an innovation: now we have "LowEnd enhanced" category that includes bare Amiga500/600 and Amiga1200 machines and comparables.

Besides that, realtime compos, such as PaintOver or LowEnd gfx and coding will also happen. One of the most democratic realtimes is ZX Spectrum 53 colour compo, where you draw 32x24 attribute picture. You can use this online editor to draw and submit -- and there is still much time to practise!

Last thing worth mentioning is our (well not really our -- this is quite common system along russian demoparties now, provided by nyuk) online voting system -- with anybody allowed to vote!